December 28, 2021

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What Is A Media Report & Media Plan?

The Media Plan is basically a process layout to determine when, where & how factors of the advertisement positively impact the ROI & engagements. In short, Media Planning is devising the right plan to allocate & utilize the advertisement budget across all the channels – marketers determine these rights. 

Media Reporting is the process of tracking the impact made on the overall business by the budget strategy utilized on a particular channel it was chosen for. It is basically having a holistic approach to the campaign’s success & making informed decisions to optimize the performance in the future. 

Why Is It Important To Have A Media Report & Media Plan?

In today’s world of heavy advertisement costs, the marketers are asked to establish a balance among the campaign efforts across all the chosen channels. This makes it increasingly challenging to keep track & optimize when you don’t have a data-driven media plan & media reporting database in place. 

          Highlights Audience’s Behaviors

This feature highlights the behavioral activities of the audience within the app, brand’s website, or social media account. This way the brand can spot the points of potential conversions, the ratio among the device usage – mobile or desktop, and which channels have the interactions among all. It also includes the demographic segmentation of the market like Age, Gender & Population in certain territories. of These, all help in creating targeted & effective marketing campaigns as these are based on factual data. 

          Campaign Performance Tracking

Campaign tracking is one of the vital features of media reporting. Through the up-to-date digital campaign tracking reports, a brand will be able to analyze the performance of their strategies, it gives holistic insights into all those campaigns which were successful & which ones not. This way the brand can be more specific in their marketing approach & optimize their campaigns based on the proven data.  

          Budgets Defining

Like every other function of the business, media has its own budget that marketers account for it to the business owners. Having properly defined media budgets would give the idea about probable spending in the upcoming campaign. Having a media report can help you justify the media budget based on historical data.

          Achieve business goals

Finally, media reporting can play a vital role in achieving business goals. Having media reports can help you identify the foreseeable risks & opportunities to make wise decisions based on absolute information, and not guesswork ensuring a positive ROI for your company. 

Which Media Report Is Feasible To Do & Why? 

Media Report helps in understanding the business’s market position & other relevant metrics. Constant media reporting is vital for business success as it provides detailed analytics of incorporated campaigns highlighting what needs to improve and whatnot. These reports can also be customized for any period of time you need. You can monitor your performance daily, track your KPIs monthly, and evaluate your growth annually. 

Designing a Media Plan

#What Should Be Considered When Setting Goals?

The ultimate goal of any campaign is to drive conversions or engagements, but considering it as it is nothing more than oversimplifying it because there might be more than one objective for a single campaign. While building the goals, marketers need to keep a check on market trends & the competitive landscape as it gives an insight into what other brands did & achieved in the past.

#How Can The Right BenchMarks Be Made When Setting Targets?

Benchmarking is basically a critical context of the brand’s goals & gives insights into what’s normal in the industry. Different tools are disposed to benchmarking your brand, it could be Facebook’s Sectoral Insights, which are then used to give the brand a metric. These are some points that must be followed when setting targets:

  • Determine What To Measure  – Engagement, Growth, Pricing Targets, Customer Acquisition Cost, Website Performance, etc. 
  • Research The Competitors & Industry – Keep in mind the Size/Age of your company & the Average Purchase Value.

#Can A Media Plan Be Made With No Previous Marketing Data?

Starting from square one can be a bit thrilling and more overwhelming. Your brand is totally aware of what it wants to do & why, yet you’re stuck with a thought of no previous database to start from. Guess what? Every single brand has been there – but, they followed a simple set of steps to get where they are today:

  • Find Your Brand’s Voice Tone: Voice is the mission statement, the tone is the implementation.
  • Choose Your Strategy & Implement: Decide & Design Your Campaigns.
  • Analyze & Test: Keep strong check & iterate
  • Automate & Engage: Based on the analysis, optimize if needed.

Designing a Media Report

What Is A Suitable Report Format?

There are many types of Media Report formats that can be used, here are some of those listed:

  • KPI Report
  • CMO Report
  • Web Analytics
  • Ad Performance Report

How BoostRoas Can Help?

1)Special Projects For Growth

Unlike other media agencies, BoostRoas create custom special projects for your brand to grow and have leverage over other brands. Since we’re more involved & aware of the market dynamics, all of this can be done without your direction.

Campaign For Special Days

The market is getting very saturated, and one needs to be specific in advertising to get to the potential consumer & reduce the overall advert cost as well. Social Media Platforms are shaping the world, therefore, leveraging the special day campaigns easily makes its way to potential customers’ feeds and hearts. 

Campaign Optimisation

We know that businesses are normally tight on budgets, especially after the covid pandemic. We understand that which is why after setting up your campaigns, we keep a regular check and optimize to make the campaigns perform better and finally, minimize the costs. 

Constant Contact With You!

We’re not just an agency you outsourced your project to, but we’re like your in-house team and that’s why we like to keep in constant touch with you regarding all the updates & steps taken. This not only increases the communication between us, but it keeps you aware of what you’re investing & getting.  

2)Roadmap Planning

Market Research

The first & foremost step we take is developing the media planning process to conduct the market research. It allows us to tailor the content we make and the media plane utilized to potential prospects.

Media Planning Goals & Objectives

When we develop your media plan, we establish goals as well to efficiently navigate ourselves through the process. As a matter of fact, it helps us find new potential channels and narrow down the types of content & channels we don’t wish to use!

Determining The Media Plan Templates

In this step, we decide which media planning template to be used, which of course, is based on the project’s needs. Our Media Plan Templates would give you an overall view of the performance of each campaign setup for each platform.  The templates shall entail features like Clicks, Sales, Leads, the budget & the performance of the campaign as a whole. 

Implementing The Media Plan

We ensure that all the stakeholders have the required details and are informed before executing the media plan. For example, if we’re working on the editorial media plan, we’ll make sure that all the team members working on it and the respective client has access to it.

KPI’s – Creating & Measuring.

This is one of the crucial steps as this provides the ultimate result of what we do over the previous steps. In short, this part contains the Key Point Indicators that we strictly keep our eyes on. It helps us understand whether we achieved our marketing goals or not. The tools, resources used on this project added value or not. 

The KPIs are custom to the project Goals & Needs, keeping those insights, we draft Realistic & Achievable KPIs, and finally, after the Plan’s implementation, they are measured to see the results overall.  

3)Trackable & Measurable Media Reporting 

Smart Scheduling

Our experience over the years and our solid reporting enable us to spot the best times & days of the weeks to engage with the current & potential customers. Also, it highlights which campaign resonated on a given day and to understand the When & Why in customer interaction. 

Targeted Channel Strategy

Each advertisement platform has unique features and so demands tailored strategies. We ensure the best platform to execute the campaign on,  keeping the goals, objectives, and more importantly brand’s resonation insight.

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