December 29, 2021

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Determining the Optimisation Impacts & Budget Consumed on the overall performance, the data sources must be configured correctly. Since the accounts are created in the default structure, not performing audit studies negatively affects the measurement.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a web & app data platform that collects data on both web & app and enables us to analyze using this data. Anyone with a Google account can use the service, which is part of the Google Marketing Platform and is free.

Google Analytics Audit 

Google Analytics tracks the operation of a website or/and app and gathers information about its visitors. It can assist businesses in determining the top sources of user traffic, assessing the success of their marketing activities and campaigns, tracking goal completions, identifying patterns and trends in user engagement, and obtaining other visitor data, and so on.

An audit is the first critical step for collecting and analyzing data. Collecting clean data enables us to reach correct results in the analyzes to be calculated.

Benefits of Google Analytics Audit

Google Analytics audit has the following benefits:

  • It provides clear overall data which can be used for Analysis & devising strategies accordingly.
  • You can use filters to get relevant data, hence making it more understandable & converting it into reports.
  • You can troubleshoot data tracking issues & data discrepancies. 
  • You can analyze the performance against the assumed ranking factors.

What is the role of audit in Organic, Paid, and Overall performance evaluations?

Audit plays an important role in collecting information that guides us for our next steps while ensuring the accuracy of the data collected.

When you go on a journey, no matter how long you take, the better you make your journey comfortable, the better you will feel. You can think of auditing this way, too.

When we consider organic, paid, referral, and overall channels as that long way to go, let’s think that these roads are without stones, sand, bends, or potholes. All efforts to collect the results of the investments made in a data field, which we call accurate and clean data, are included in the audit. We can say that every investment affects other channels, whether it is the desired performance from these organic or paid channels. After the rules and integrations are added to the Analytics platform, a roadmap is created where we can monitor all channel performances under a single platform. The point is to analyze the performance of channels relatively & individually.

Use Heybooster Audit & Alert System

The sites on which the Live Data is collected, some audits are done periodically in order to keep the data from spoiling i.e. bot traffic can be blocked from xyz site, but the but traffic can be received again from another site, so there should be an audit system in place to check & filter the incoming data. That’s why Google Analytics Audit has a live loop.

Heybooster is a marketing platform that uses artificial intelligence to track eCommerce strategy channels with daily audits and next-step warnings. Heybooster Audit and Alert system help us to detect this live loop instantly, which is just one of the packages in it. If you want to examine and learn more in detail, you can examine the tool’s website.

When we run the Google Analytics Audit package via the Heybooster tool, we can track sudden changes in the Google Analytics account with slack and mail alert systems and take quick actions. In this way, we aim to prevent data loss or corruption as quickly as possible. Some of the features are:

  • Examine all of your digital marketing efforts.
  • Prediction and tracking of KPIs.
  • Personalized insights.
  • Be on the lookout for unexpected changes.

Bot Traffic – Explained

Any non-human traffic or attacks that access from outside the website is referred to as bot traffic. Whether the website is a massively popular news site or a small, newly launched company, a certain number of bots are bound to access it over time. There are some channels or platforms that we know the bot traffic comes from & then there are some channels that we have no knowledge of. The bot can spotted by locating a certain number of page hit or sessions from the same channel or platform, but no action is taken afterward, we can assume it as the bot traffic.

Google Analytics – Organic Search Sources

Although Google is the most prominent search engine, it isn’t the only one that Google Analytics analyses when calculating organic traffic. Organic search traffic from a variety of sources, including:

  1. Google
  2. Bing
  3. Yahoo
  4. Baidu
  5. DuckDuckGo and etc.

Except for its own search engine, Google considers other organic search sources as referrals.
In your Google Analytics account’s Admin settings, you can add and remove search engines from the list used for each property.

Goals In Google Analytics

Every business has goals that it needs to complete. For an eCommerce website, the goal could be an order placement, for a blogging site, it could be a deep scroll on the article & for a professional services provider, the goal could be lead conversion. 

But how would a business know that goal has been completed? We mean, there needs to be a proper plan to create measurable & trackable goals. So, any goal completed like a “90% scroll on a blog” can be tracked when it is set as a goal through tag manager, and whenever someone hits this benchmark, one goal shall be considered completed.

Direct Traffic Is Increasing: Causes

Google Analytics defines direct traffic as the website visits that came on your site either by typing the URL or through the browser bookmarks. Also, if Google analytics can’t recognize the source, it would label it as Direct in your Google Analytics Tool. Below could be some of the reasons of the unexpected increase in direct traffic:

  • Wrong UTM structure
  • Unexpected traffic
  • Wrong tracking development

Why Is Direct Traffic Analyzed?

Direct traffic is analyzed in Google Analytics to identify which sources are driving more traffic and which sources require improvement. Organizations make strategies based on these metrics to generate more traffic to their website.

Direct Traffic Is Falling: Reasons!

Drops in search traffic can be caused by five different factors:

  • Technical problems
  • Security concerns
  • Manual actions
  • Changes algorithm

Duplicate Transaction In Google Analytics: What Is It?

In Google Analytics, duplicate transactions simply mean that a single transaction was counted twice. This can significantly bias your data because it inflates the revenue, quantity, and other metrics directly related to transactions, in addition to the transaction count.
For this reason, we analyze both the measurement technical controls and the transaction data in your CRM system and the analytics data on which step to improve.

GDPR and PIA – Privacy Regulations Audit 

Let’s address the risks involved in the context of Privacy Laws (GDPR & PIA) compliance using Google Analytics.

1) Data residency issues

  • When using the GA, the data is stored on a public cloud that is selected randomly in the US, EU, or Asia. With the freemium version, you really don’t have the authority to choose where your data would end up.

2) Reusing your data in its advertising network

  • One other issue is Data Ownership. Google through analytics utilizes your data to improve their services and the collected information is shared with other clients:
  • Google Ads
  • YouTube
  • and other Google products

We include in the audit, the developments and studies on the collection of data within the scope of GDPR and PII by filtering.

We make improvements to ensure that information belonging to the individual and defined by individuals, such as name, surname, phone, mail, user name, is not collected on analytics in any way, and we also check the accounts with our instant alert systems in case any disruptions occur after any technical intervention.

Working With BoostRoas: Advantages 

We at BoostRoas can provide quality service for making audits for your brand. We will provide the following services for your business:

Access To Accurate Data

Measuring accurate data is essential for every brand in order to make effective decisions. As Google analytics provides a lot of data and other key performance indicators, it becomes hard to analyze the relevant data and act accordingly. This is where we come to help you analyze relevant data for your website in order to identify areas that need improvement & devise the strategy accordingly.

Problems Identification & Devising Strategy

We will not only identify technical problems with your website but will also eliminate unnecessary things in order for your website to work effectively and grow your business. Boostroas will help in making the next action plans by removing the errors with a high rate of accuracy.

Custom Reporting 

Boostrass will help you generate custom reports for specific data attributes regarding your business needs. These reports will give you essential insights into your business in order to rectify problems and eventually generate profits.

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Written by:

Sümeyye Kübra Özcan

Analytics & Data Insight Executive

Kübra is a master of especially data analysis and google analytics. She has exceptional attention to detail and offers great insights for our clients. In her spare time, she can often be found swimming and playing video games.

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