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November 18, 2021

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Why Data-Driven & Growth-Focused Digital Marketing Agencies Are Need Of The Hour?

It’s almost 2022, and Digital Marketing isn’t groundbreaking anymore. In fact,  the industry has grown over time & reached a point where if the agencies aren’t doing something different in enhancing the client experience, they’ll fall behind their competitors!

Just offering Digital Marketing Services isn’t going to cut it out now, agencies will have to go an extra mile in providing their services, so differentiation is the recipe to use. So, what can an agency do to stand out of the fold in this saturated market? Enhancing the client experience through Data-Driven Approaches both in strategies & reporting and being a Growth Focused not only for your agency but for the client as well. 

#Common Client Problems Facing Agencies

Finding good clients is surely hard, but once you’re lucky enough to find them – retaining would be easy, right? Well, unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as it seems. Even if you have a good client, splitting ways can be inevitable – but this isn’t the case all the time. Client part ways with agencies due to the following reasons:

#No Tracking of Results & ROI Measurement

Losing a client in record time can happen in two ways – not tracking their data or measuring the ROI for them. Clients must be aware of how much of there is being spent & where, and whether their investment with you is paying off or not – which is pretty much lacking on the part of an agency.  

#Lacking Regular Reporting

One step ahead, the agency can track results & even measure the ROI for the client, yet the client loses trust in you – how? The agency lacks frequent communication and clear reporting. Broken trust can prove fatal to an agency – about 56% of marketers think that agencies are rather aiming to sell their services than provide solutions to client’s problems.  

#Lack of Clear Expectations Setting

Client’s expecting the Moon from the agency is normal without actually understanding what an agency can realistically achieve. Marketers from the client’s side & the agency professionals aren’t aware of what constitutes a clear briefing. These growing expectations and lack of clear communication lead to a strained relationship between these two entities. 

#Lack of Initiatives from Agencies 

Normally, the agencies work hard for the client during the honeymoon phase, but they substantially lose the direction or burn out, which makes clients fire the agency. These situations arise due to the team’s ability to fix problems for short terms while lacking the perseverance, grit & consistency of initiatives for the long term.   

What Are The Advantages of Working With BoostRoas?

The changing landscape of the Digital Marketing Industry is now driven by collecting, analyzing & reporting data to ultimately turn it into a competitive advantage. With experienced experts, BoostRoas turns this delicate entity of data into a structured form that is Growth Focused!

#Data-Driven Strategies Devising

In today’s ever-getting complicated consumer’s market can be captivated through Data-Driven Strategies and that’s what BoostRoas is capable of. We being a Data-Driven Agency devise strategies by turning the data into actionable information specifically looking for the consumer’s behavior & how we can bring them to you.

#Consistent Reporting

Being accountable for our executions & consistent reporting are the two features we value the most at BoostRoas. We don’t just give our clients a data dump, but we make sure the reporting is totally contextual around the data. We’ve established a regular reporting schedule to keep you in the loop. The reporting is based on a monthly and quarterly schedule to update on the performance. 

#Dedicated Account Managers

Getting some new clients is definitely important, but for BoostRoas, managing the existing clients effectively is even more important. So, to promote a strategic partnership for a longer term, we assign a dedicated account manager for each of our clients who efficiently manages all the queries of the client making them feel like they’re receiving the value & support they need. 

#Smart KPI’s Setting

Setting clear KPIs with you from the get-go is our top priority to establish an understanding of what we can realistically do for you. These clear goals guide us on what should be included in the reports we share with you monthly, making them easier to understand.

#Growth Focused Partnership 

Figuring out how to scale & which platform to use for marketing can be a little stressful. And, while growing you’d need the right system built in place to manage that growth. Addressing these challenges, BoostRoas has developed nimble teams consisting of PPC, SEO & Analytics Specialists serving groups of clients. We have processes, templates & practices in place to help you scale your business.

#Proactive Of Industry Changes

Digital Marketing is a rapidly growing industry. New tools, updates & theories impact the way things are conducted in this industry. We stay on top of the new developments that are incorporated into our daily professional practices. Our teams consist not just of experts, but teachers. Our in-house research & learning help our experts stay on cutting, eventually helping you stay out of the fold.  

#Marketing Stack Tailored Around Client Needs

Tools are there to serve us to execute our ideas, but what comes first is the strategy. It’s not that hard to get caught up in the latest marketing trends, but far more of an approach is to have a stack that is ideal & tailored to your needs. That’s what we’re credible for, as we keep your needs insight and design strategies around it. 

How is BoostRoas Different?

BoostRoas is capable of providing you with 360 Solutions & Services when it comes to Data-Driven & Growth Focused. From collecting the data on consumer’s behavior, turning into manageable information. Then running analysis on that information to ultimately convert it into an actionable strategy that is Data-Driven & Growth Focused to your business – BoostRoas does it all!

All you need is an integrated solution of PPC, SEO and Analytics.

Boostroas Boostroas

Written by:

Esra Mercan

Client Success Executive

The world has recognized the importance of Client Success. Looking from another person’s perspective is hard to achieve. However, she is always an advocate for her brands and strives for the best for the clients and the team.

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