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If you've got a ton of daily operations to take care of, you probably don't have time to follow the SEO news! Don't worry, though! In the Weekly SEO live streams, we summarize SEO news, give some tips, and introduce you to the experiments we do.

Join us every week on Friday at 3:30 PM (GMT+3 time zone) to learn what's new this week in SEO and feel free to ask some questions!

Here are

Our heroes of the SEO Weekly Series

Büşra Çildaş

SEO Manager

Adem Yıldız

SEO Team Lead

Every week, they come together to share the important events of the SEO industry. Sometimes, they also have surprise guest speakers from different communities. Tune in to see our guests and what's new weekly in search!


What is the latest SEO news?

Career Planning in SEO: The Beginning of SEO Adventure - Weekly SEO

22 Apr, 2022


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are these weekly video series aimed at?

Though it is mainly set up to serve digital marketers, which includes beginners to advanced SEOs, the Weekly SEO is really geared towards anyone interested in and interested in learning about SEO news and updates and tips on how to improve your rankings on organic search engines.

What is the best way for you to ask a question to us before live streams?

The form below is for anyone who wants to send us some questions. We handle those during the Weekly SEO and one on one during live sessions. You also can ask your questions in the YouTube chatbox during the live sessions, as well, if you wish.

What kind of value can you get from here?

We don't just provide SEO news and updates. We also combine them with our own experiences, techniques, and our other valuable content, including our other blog posts and videos for more depth on the topics. And, we can answer any SEO-related questions you have during the l ive sessions for free!

What do you need to watch the Weekly SEO series?

First of all, you do not need to pay any subscription fee. You can just visit YouTube, subscribe to BoostROAS channel, and press the bell icon to get notifications when we are going live!

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