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February 16, 2022

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YouTube is among one the best platforms for brands to gain awareness and create engagement; however, it is not the only reason to have a YouTube channel as YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web.

Brands endeavour to locate themselves into the first place in their competitiveness field, and this is a facile desire that every brand has. Nonetheless, it is not as easy as all of them can do in terms of their feasibility or lack of capacity. 

Establishing a YouTube channel would be a crucial move, especially when certain brands are not well-known and are in the process of gaining awareness or even they are pretty famous but have some obscure features to their products.

Here are the 9 reasons that explain how YouTube is useful for business and why you should consider taking advantage of the benefits of a YouTube channel.

YouTube allows you to reach a massive audience!

In the past, mass reach was known to be only attainable through TV, but now it’s possible to maximize the reach also through digital. Well, it is not a secret that every marketer knows that right behind Google, YouTube is the second-largest search engine and the second-most widely used social media platform; and also, the biggest brands are on YouTube.

Find your niche audience on YouTube!

For brands that aim to reach gamers or adolescents, a segmented audience might substantially appear on YouTube; therefore, having a branding strategy based on YouTube is inevitable for such brands. The brand Bellies, for instance, sells baby clothes and toys throughout the world while creating content for its infant audience on YouTube. By watching the videos and familiarizing themselves with the brand’s persona of toys. Moreover, the brand can introduce its new products on the channel.

Creating video content is an excellent way to promote your brand’s niche.

Remember that YouTube also is a search engine. You can create a product video or a how-to video that people can find through searching, or more remarkably, you can create video content that is hyped and recognized. It is even possible to convince the audience that was never interested in your product before.

Example of YouTube Channel Best Practices

How to create your niche on YouTube?

Ricoma Embroidery Machines’ YouTube Channel is a quite successful example that I’d like to mention. “Ricoma is the leading manufacturer and distributor of garment decoration products with an international presence in over 160 countries.” But what really makes it successful?

Here are a few quick observations: 

  1. Firstly, The channel creates a lot of informational videos that are based on keywords, and it is very helpful in order to be discovered on YouTube and even on Google.
  2. The channel explains the brand clearly and intelligently both on the about section and on the home page section. Therefore, the audience can easily understand the feature of the brand and decide whether they are interested or not, without taking a lot of time. YouTube audiences are time-conscious, so helping them save time is critical.

How YouTube users turns into your customers

YouTube is a Perfect Place for Small Businesses

If you are a small business or new brand and about to enter the market, you should determine to acquaint your potential customer through YouTube.


Because video content does work!

Let’s suppose that you are a fresh brand with no one familiar with your product or service yet, create product videos to showcase how good your products are, or create testimonial videos from real people for your visitors dawdling to convert because of their doubts, to prove to them that they will make the right decision with buying.

Build Engagement with Your Audience on YouTube

YouTube is not only useful for creating awareness, but also for building engagement. Upload videos with various “call-to-actions”s, encourage your audience to comment and keep in touch with them.

Creators can also filter comments while creating restricted word lists, ensuring that you don’t spend too much time on overwork within your busy schedule.

In addition, create polls and ask their opinions on the community page. Keeping them interested helps the brand to be memorable.

A YouTube channel would be a prudent way to increase traffic to your website.

Build awareness by maximizing your organic YouTube presence, using YouTube ads, and partnering with other channels. Then canalize your process to your website as traffic. This will bring qualified traffic to your website and provide a healthy backlink as well. Plus, you will be able to measure this traffic via Google Analytics. In order to explain further, I am going to give an example from Ricoma’s YouTube channel since it is a successful case.

Lets’ dive into video descriptions.

We already mentioned Ricoma’s business on the YouTube channel as an excellent example, but here’s another reason why.

An excellent YouTube Video Description example.

As you can see in the photo, the video description explains the content and navigates the audience to the website with many additional links. Plus, it is possible to follow this traffic source from your Google Analytics account.

YouTube Videos Can Assist Your Rankings on Google SERP

We might call it either an SEO-friendly YouTube channel or YouTube Optimization just as Search Engine Optimization! We already mentioned YouTube search, but what about Google search? When searching for something on Google, have you ever noticed that it lists video results first? It’s possibly because video matches certain keywords’ search intentions better. If you ache for organic traffic to your website, if you are into blogging, then you might consider also creating video content.

"Weekly SEO" on Google Organic Video Search Results

Here you see YouTube videos of our Weekly SEO episodes on Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) when a user searches for “weekly SEO.”

YouTube branding on Google Search

Another example is Brush Medic brands’ YouTube channel. Brush medic is a UV stabilizers brand for makeup brushes and its video appears on Google when “UV makeup sanitizer” searched. Even it has only four videos on its channel! Pretty effortless but good enough, right?

Cost-Effectiveness Marketing Strategy on YouTube

Although the production might seem costly by brands, there would be too many ways to work out consistency. The only thing is to decide what suits your brand best. Define which type of video can help you increase awareness and build engagement.

We, as the BoostRoas team, are producing videos regularly on YouTube. Our Weekly SEO live streams have been proven to make our potential customers aware of us and create networking opportunities. But we also upload keyword-based videos such as “how-to” videos to be visible on Google.

In a nutshell, those examples show us that all you need is a camera to have a YouTube channel. Launching broadcasts, sharing testimonials about your service or product, and providing video guides on product features can help to inform your customers about your business. Last but not least, you can engage your audience while they watch your premiere video on YouTube.

Google Search Results for "how to find unused javascript"

Here is another example of video content type. VidIQ YouTube channel is usually doing live broadcasts with their clients and sharing some tips while promoting their tool.

Product broadcast video on VidIQ YouTube channel

Do Not Underestimate Irreversible Bad Reputation and Protect Your Brand Persona

Unlike some platforms such as Tiktok, Facebook etc., YouTube has stringent regulations and rules while using a combination of human resources and machine learning to detect inappropriate content at scale. Overall, YouTube also allows creators to protect their channels in many ways from user-generated harmfulness. Therefore, in terms of brand safety in digital advertising, YouTube safety ensures no-risk marketing campaigns with peace of mind.

If my arguments so far have impressed you, we have some suggestions to enhance your consideration.

Let’s search together “how to make cappuccino” on Google.

“Ask it is given” has always been my motto in my life. Let’s transition my motto for your business and ask yourself.

Does your brand need YouTube channel

All you need is an integrated solution of PPC, SEO and Analytics.

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Written by:

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SEO Associate

The world is her home but her mind is between the stars. She always thinks energetically and positively. You will also be affected by these vibes. Her colourful mind keeps inside many songs, books and creative ideas. She believes stars and numbers affect human life.

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