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November 10, 2021

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Let’s start with what is Video SEO?

Video SEO can be defined as the technique to do On-Page Video and In-Video Optimization to cater to the visitor’s Search Intent and increase the chances to rank higher on YouTube Search & Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page).   

Why Is Video SEO Important?

Google is the first, and YouTube is the second largest search engine around the world. Video optimization is crucial to thriving not just in SEO but also in the whole digital marketing process. As video content has more attractive visual features, people consume it more than ever, and this trend isn’t going away anytime soon.

How are potential customers consuming content?

People surfing the internet have shorter attention spans, giving brands even less time to click with the potential consumer to convert. There has been the shift from a static text towards video content production as it gives it more interactive with a higher retention span. 

This isn’t just a trend, but it is becoming an essential part of brand PR strategy. As YouTube, is the 2nd largest Search Engine, 45% of people watch more than an hour of YouTube or Facebook Video Content. YouTube receives about 1 billion unique users each month with 500 million hours of content watched each day.

Reasons Why Your eCommerce Business Should Have Video SEO

As per the Content Marketing Institute statement, “Audiences are about 10 times more likely to engage, embed, share, and comment on video content than blogs or related social posts.” So, your eCommerce Brand needs to Create Video Content that can help in expanding your exposure to a broader audience, present something that gives a deeper understanding of the products you sell, and might even help in buying your product. Moreover, this doesn’t limit to video content production but also investing in Video Search Engine Optimization.

  • Grow Your Conversions

Having the video content produced and then investing in video SEO can help increase the visibility in Google search, which can pave additional paths for your product discovery. This will help in driving awareness to your eCommerce brand and potentially increase engagement on your website.

  • Helps In Developing Brand Personality

Storytelling and showcasing the product videos are pretty compelling in communicating the voice of the brand. This is because videos aren’t limited to static images & videos; you can add more action and be more flexible with signature music & visuals. All this can be utilized to create a brand story that isn’t limited to a product, but it goes a long way in building a brand personality in the potential consumer’s mind. 

  • Builds Brand Trust Online

In the eCommerce industry, well-curated video content can prove to be fruitful and can play a pivotal role in building authenticity and credibility. Comparatively, the videos can be more effective in exhibiting the quality of the product than the images. It can remove uncertainties if the content is well crafted. But, all that would probably go in vain if the video SEO technique isn’t incorporated. A significant chunk of the searches is derived from the sites that showed up on the first page of any search engine – that’s the first step in building brand trust online as the site knew beforehand that the potential consumers would look for such & such thing. A reliable subconscious signal is being established between you and the potential consumer when your site shows up against their query.  

  • Improves SERP

Google Analytics considers the amount of time a viewer spends on a page – it is because if someone spent a considerable amount of time on a page, it means they have found relative information to their query. 

Videos increase the number of time visitors spend on your eCommerce website – so, this metric is somehow boosted, which gives your site a higher ranking in SERP. But, the improvement of the page’s SERP indicates that it indexed well, as if that one feature of the page ranks, it positively influences the whole page, providing more exposure.

  • Optimized YouTube Channel

Youtube is the biggest Visual Search Engine & Second Biggest Search Engine after Google. The problem is that people create video content and post on Youtube, but they aren’t aware of how to squeeze the benefit out of it. The reason being is that their Youtube channel isn’t optimized.  They aren’t aware of the impact that an optimized video description, video tags can make – as a whole; they aren’t aware of the YouTube SEO practices.

Optimized Youtube channel can be supplemental material to the static content on your eCommerce website, and it helps in providing a compelling experience for the potential consumer. Not only can you get your channel monetized through mannered youtube SEO practices, but you can also drive traffic to your website as well – this can prove to be a great way to build relationships with online visitors.


What Would an eCommerce Brand Miss Out If They Don’t Do Video SEO?

For an eCommerce brand, video content can undoubtedly impact conversions and offer something to more dynamic brands. 

It doesn’t just limit you to the YouTube Videos, but the specific product page’s video can show up against the keywords & relevant queries. Videos frequently show up with thumbnail images and the playback duration and summary text. Google highlights critical moments in the video content, allowing users to navigate, and tapping on a vital moment can land on your site and watch video from that moment.

How to understand if the video gets ranked on Google Search?

If the video isn’t ranking in the Google Web search video snippet, it might appear in the Images search based on the structure of Google Search Results (Web and Images are two different sections on Google). So, as a whole, through video SEO, a brand can get many opportunities to appear in google search results and get more exposure.

  • Miss Out on Boosted Google Ranking

You’ve probably heard a billion times about SEO, and its basis is to align your internal content strategy with what Google prioritizes. While no one has been successful in unveiling what Google looks for –  but, we’re sure that Video SEO is a powerful tool.

Having Visual Content of the same blog post you created would allow you to expose your brand to a much wider audience. Plus, through this, you can have more interaction on your site, which Google factors in ranking you against your competitors. 

  • Miss Out on Potential Link-Building Strategy

Another metric that Google utilizes in considering a site Credible & Reliable is Link Building. Naturally, building backlinks can be achieved through crafting content that is valuable and educating. The higher the content is applicable, the higher the possibility of sharing and giving you credit.

But, what’s suitable for a video for link building if it isn’t correctly optimized to show up in a search result? If the Video SEO practice isn’t incorporated, there are high chances that well-crafted content wouldn’t appear in a search result. 

  • Miss Out on Visitor’s Increased on Page Time Spend

Video helps in polishing your site for metrics that Google takes into consideration. Long Clicks – Google incentivizes long clicks. When someone searches on Google, clicks on the result & stays on the page for some time, that is considered a long click. Google’s business model is to provide what people look for exactly, and if your site shows up against the query, It will make a huge impact, and that can’t be achieved without Video SEO. 

 How Can BoostRoas Give You a Jump Start On Video SEO?

At BoostRoas, we take pride in devising a well-mannered Video SEO plan that gives you a jump start against your competitors. BoostRoas strategists craft plans and programs customized to your industry, target audience, and most relevant marketing channels. 

We take a collaborative approach to our project with you and help you understand the Video SEO opportunities and trade-offs involved so that you can make saleable & successful decisions for your business.

As for the practical part, we lay out a professionally mannered plan which involves Keyword research to determine what users are searching for. We make sure the titles, descriptions are up to the mark & adequately optimized. Also, whether the page’s video is indexed or not – if not, we’ll spot the bottlenecks & remove them. As a considerable part of the world does surfing on mobile, that’s on top of our mind when conducting the video SEO  and ensuring that it is appropriately optimized to provide a breezing experience to the visitor.  

  • Keyword Research

Like we keep a strong check for Keywords when building a site – the same practice is mirrored in Video SEO. Our keyword research practice is comprehensive to the point that we practice deep research to find something valuable from every angle. 

From locating the trends on Google Trends, we look for the different queries around the focus keyphrase. All other video channels like Vimeo to discover what question has been used to look for such a topic, product, etc. Finally, we narrow down our research to the point that it is professionally mannered and brings value to the site.


  • Competitor Analysis

Like the skyscraping technique utilized in creating static content, the same is a practice in producing the visual content.  To make sure that you always have the edge over your competitors, we, at BoostRoas, keep a strict check on their content production practices, spot the loopholes and finally, utilize those as our anchor to rank against them.

  • Produce Educational & Promotional Content

Producing content to establish yourself as a thought leader requires experience to curate what to offer to cater to the user’s search intent. We take pride in claiming that we have mastered this art over the years in creating content that addresses the potential user’s pain points and builds your brand as an authentic source.

  • Optimize Your Titles and Descriptions

Google’s algorithms are now equipped with the ability to read video content in a way that identifies critical On-Page elements that cater to the searcher’s query. We write well-researched Video titles & descriptions to the tags used under strict care in compliance with all the requirements that allow the search engines and potential viewers with a Visual Supplement to flow along with the video and help improve comprehension through the usage of relevant keywords. 


  • Higher Engagements, Higher Ranking

In terms of the algorithm, Youtube & Google are the same as both want to serve the right content to users based on their intent and search queries. Youtube considers likes, comments & dislikes, and even video retention as part of its algorithms to decide whether a source is reliable & informational.  Like a Snippet Ranking for blogs, Google picks out the summary of the video & relevant videos based on the query searched.

BoostRoas will put dedicated time investment in optimizing your videos to gain interactions like comments and likes. The more YouTube and Google will see you as a legitimate and unique source of information, the more will rank you higher in the search results.

  • Video Conversion Optimization

Data fetching and analysis is the only way to leverage video to improve CRO. It wouldn’t be possible to work without a video hosting platform that fetches visitors’ data and helps you analyze user engagement. This is a crucial difference that makes video marketing a conversion-boosting asset. 

We, at BoostRoas, help your brand take full advantage of your videos through thorough engagement analysis, and once we have those in place, we begin running A/B testing to optimize conversion. Plus, that’s just one of those many practices we do to optimize your video for conversions.  

Wrapping Up!

Content marketing is a very competitive yet instant result-generating field. With the majority of the chunk using some form of content advertising, it’s becoming difficult for eCommerce brands to stand out of the fold.

We, at BoostRoas, help our clients remain relevant and visible through using every technique at our disposal – Video SEO is one of them.

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