Case Study


Case Study

Migros Sanal Market


Non-Brand Organic Traffic Raised By 900%

Saat&Saat Blog is an e-commerce website blog that sells watches, and that has also offline stores all over Turkey. Our objective is to gain position in keywords that support the sale and acquisition of new user (high-traffic potential keywords), and to be visible to people who search related keywords about ‘’watch’’.


Our biggest challenge is to increase non-brand organic traffic more than ever.

The Approach:

Because it is to get impressions with words that might be relevant around it, the potential words were detected through SEOmonitor Topic Explorer. Those keywords were grouped into categories such as question oriented, sales oriented, brand-oriented etc. and thousands of keywords were prioritized based on search volume and seasonality on SEOmonitor.
Technical arrangements were made in order to adapt Mobile-first indexing. We re-structured content headers based on user behaviour with creating unicorn, highly shareable content (infographic). We identified the sectoral contents that users would be interested in and we produced content. Regular DeepCrawl scans were performed to detect technical errors. Arrangements were made by identifying problems such as lack of elements, unwanted HTTP status codes etc. and solved them.


non-brand” organic traffic increased by 9-times!
We were able to show a single infographic in the first 3 search results in 70 keywords with a search volume of 11.000 per month.
With the improvements made, blog traffic has been transformed into a traffic channel that supports sales.


Non brand organik traffic raised by 900%


Unicorn content gained 3rd position on search results


Gained organic visibility with more than 70 keywords

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Eser Erkan
E-commerce & Retail & Omni channel Consultant

``Thanks to BoostRoas on the blog channel, we achieved this success in order to guide users about authenticity and to inform them about watch purchases and technical issues.``


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