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Supermarket SEO Case Study

Migros Case Study


Amazingly 2X Growth on Non-brand Organic Traffic!

Migros is Turkey's largest retail company, supermarket chain and employer. It’s also one of the forty largest retailers in the world. It’s structured in a cooperative society, with over two million members.


The most important development was to find the major problems in the technical part and to fix and improve them with our experiences and expertise. Our objective was in the short-term to do site migration from A to B to a different domain. At this point, the most challenging thing we have worked on was to keep the incoming traffic and not to lose SEO visibility.

The Approach:

The first step in constructing stairs is optimizing the crawl-budget which is reserved by Google. We block the way to some page extensions and give more space for the crawler for indexing many unique/quality pages.In a few weeks, all these non-relevant pages start to be de-indexed from search results.
In order to use the technical language in the best way, we had to improve the incomplete parts of the infrastructure. From page speed optimization to the content creation side, we took great pride in all the improvements we have made.



All Organic Traffic Raised by


Non-brand Organic Traffic Growth by


Gained New Users from Organic Channels


​​Indorsement of Organic Channels Raised by


Google’s Top 10 Keywords Raised by


​​Competition’s Leader Keywords Raised by

Our Clients Will Tell You Why We're Better

İbrahim Tecimen
Digital Marketing & CRM Manager at Migros Ticaret A.Ş.

``Turkey's first online grocery shopping has begun to serve as a platform for Migros Virtual Market. The infrastructure made serious and rapid transformation in order to provide a better customer experience for the second half of 2018.
This transformation has received very positive feedback in terms of revenue and customer satisfaction. We started working with BoostRoas in the process of configuring all of our digital assets from scratch.
We have begun to capture continuous productivity opportunities in newly established data and web analytics infrastructures.One of the first development areas we noticed was our SEO project, the subject of this success s story.The analysis, solution, project design, benefit prediction and live-up phases of the project quickly yielded thanks to the agile work of the BoostRoas and Migros teams. I would like to congratulate all my colleagues who contributed to this study.``

Cemalettin Koç
Founder of StartupHeroes & Technical Lead of Migros Transformation Projects

``Migros Transformation Project has been built in one year without SEO mind in the first place. Although the project had a remarkable IT success, search engines penalized it by reducing its ranks from many aspects. It was time when the BoostRoas entered the scene and completed our IT transformation by adding invaluable SEO related additions. Almost all details thoroughly are examined and addressed. The outcomes were spectacular and it would not be this success without them.``

Şahin Seçil
Managing Director at BoostRoas

``To have a case study with Migros is a big honor but beyond that it is a big pleasure to work with Migros teams are marketing to development. It is like all stars gather together and look for the next big thing. That’s why I ’m so exciting for tomorrows more than today!``

Roman Adamita
SEO Manager at BoostRoas

``In order to be the winners in the organic results, we had to start creating a growth plan for SEO. Starting with the technical structure of the website, we have developed the pages with major optimizations. Website migration, was the longest part of the work, all together, we were the winners of any launch of Google’s algorithms. At the same time, in order to earn more new clients, we have done research for non-brand keywords and optimized our pages in this priority. It was a very interesting and exciting experience to work with Migros.``


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