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Yunus Yaşar

SEO Associate

Maybe you still think SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization, huh? But it doesn’t. He believes that “E” should mainly stand for “Experience”. He approaches SEO in a way that gives users the best experience while using search engines -also considering algorithms.

Professional Skills

Early years in university, he started working as a copywriter and kept it going during his studies. After university, he found himself optimizing page content regarding SEO. As he learned more, he craved for more. Did we mention that he actually studied mechatronics engineering? With a background in engineering studies and an interest in social sciences, he can, anytime, come up with ideas that will surprise you.


He is mainly responsible for increasing companies’ online visibility by solving both technical and user experience-related issues.


Speaking of him, the words we’d use are; kindness, cheer, and joy. You can see him most of the time smiling and telling some jokes. He’s also a big fan of traveling cities, and countries when it is possible. He’s more into exploring about the lives of usual people. Don’t be surprised if you see him chatting with a homeless person; he believes he can learn from anyone.

Blogs written by Yunus Yaşar

Blog Post

Yunus Yaşar here! I’ll start a little with about my past. When Yahoo was created, I was not even on earth and was a tiny child when Google was first launched. So, I didn’t witness the first steps of the most popular search engines, and apparently, it wasn’t my childhood dream to be an SEO. […]

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