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Yasin Alkan

Analytics Executive

“Sharing is caring”. This is his motto. He loves to learn new things and share them with others. You need some help with Analytics? Knock on his door! Having owned the product, he’s got some project management skills and software development experience. He is also a language nerd.

Professional Skills

Being interested in data has let him gain many data-related products, to name a few: Google Analytics, Tableau, Bigquery, Google Tag Manager, Firebase and so on. Addition to these tools, he has gained a lot of experience in product management for software development and strengthened his communication skills with stakeholders.


He is responsible for smooth flow of the Analytics team’s works making sure that each and every customers’ needs are met and the effectiveness of the team continues. Apart from management responsibilities, he has technical work to do like implementation, setup, documentation etc.


Yasin pays a lot of attention to sharing and empathy. To him, these are the things that make the world a better place for all. He always smiles. You’ll never see him upset/unhappy.

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