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Tugaycan Aslan

Senior Performance Marketing Executive

What is the best activity to do while working remotely? Get out and take a walk by the sea, then turn on the computer at the nearest cafe and start working with a fresh cup of coffee. Tugaycan's interest in online advertising and the way he developed himself lead him to the BoostRoas team. He is interested in digital advertising operations and optimizations of e-commerce companies. His favorite things to do besides PPC are reading books, playing CS: GO occasionally, spending time with his friends. He also cooks like a chef!

Professional Skills

He's always building upon his skills in areas such as operational advertising capabilities. Transferring his knowledge to blog posts is one of his hobbies, you can reach many contents of Tugaycan on BoostRoas blog. He has a natural flair for advertising and wants to explore it with BoostRoas. Tugaycan is full of enthusiasm which makes him great to work with.


He supports the advertising operations of our existing brands, Tugaycan also really grasps advertising fiction and how companies can gain more space in the digital world. He develops his Analytics capabilities by focusing on analysis and insights. He focuses on some of our Google Ads accounts as well as Facebook and Instagram advertising as well.


In the future, he dreams of taking part in global projects with BoostRoas. Tugaycan's a very approachable person and a natural communicator. He's very outgoing and social and enjoys taking on new challenges. He often takes the time to learn about new concepts independently and has a fantastic mindset towards growth and success.

Blogs written by Tugaycan Aslan

Blog Post

A standard display ad campaign should be created to raise brand awareness and more sessions on site. What should be done when observing that the sessions in the campaign are of poor quality and the bounce rate is quite high after creating a display campaign? Have you thought about that?  If wondering how can you […]

How to optimize CPC & What impact can be made? CPC can be optimized by incorporating the below-mentioned strategies & techniques to ensure a positive return on investment.  # Improving The Google Ads Quality Score Quality score is basically the evaluation of the quality of your ads, landing pages & more importantly, your keywords. If […]

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