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Sümeyye Kübra Özcan

Analytics & Data Executive

She likes swimming like fish, also she afraid to swim in the sea. this is not an excuse, keep trying! Loves taking photographs and believes photos reminded our the most happy memories to us. (because people do not take a photograph when they are unhappy...) She loves music and says "without music, life is not live" but she forgot the playing guitar. She preferred to sing by herself in role-playing games. As you can see, also likes to play online games. Whatever... Aegean lover! Kübra wants to travel all of world one day (maybe when she retires :p)

Professional Skills

Analytics, GTM, Data studio, Supermetrics... these are a few of Kübra's pleasant working platforms. She implements all operational studies in a dedicated way and is a great finisher. She analyzes the data, provides insight, and helps to decide the next marketing activity with a data-driven approach.


Ensuring the accuracy of the data flow of existing brands, organizing all mid-level Analytics project development, undertakes the entire operation. Listening to her favorite songs in the background while doing Datastudio reports is an excellent way to create something amazing.


She loves playing with data, so she feels very happy that gets the advance by having the chance to improve herself in her beloved field. Boost your happiness with the boosters team! expecto patronum :a

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