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Şahin Seçil

Managing Director

Şahin began sowing the seeds, for what would become BoostRoas over a decade ago. He built up a wealth of experience during his 10-year tenure within the field of Digital Marketing. Sahin launched BoostRoas in 2017, he instilled the essential principles of remote working. He tended to have a horizontal hierarchal structure as well as employees having more accountability and autonomy. These concepts have deeply become rooted within the company culture and a part of their identity. The company has already won numerous international awards and is still growing at an unstoppable rate. In his spare time, Şahin can be found camping, caravaning, and traveling. He enjoys the sea, sand, and sun and is a big nature-lover.

Professional Skills

He is a very well established manager, with an emphasis on long-term strategy. Master of his field, bringing over a decade of international experience to the table.


He has a data-oriented approach and he is able to share his vision and motivate the whole team towards it. He spends most of his time analyzing data, attending client meetings and instantly researching.


Thanks to the foundation of BoostRoas in 2017, he opened a different page in his career and started his own adventure. The motto he adopted while giving growth consultancy to brands is, “Growth is more than a target, it is a passion.” He embraced life by living it to the fullest and exploring different things. He enjoys running and camping.

Blogs written by Şahin Seçil

Blog Post

Hey digital folks! Have you ever thought about what the most common question have you get on Google Adwords? It will probably be one of the following. What’s the quality score? What’s the best attribution model to grow your business? What’s the best targeting strategies? (Nope it’s trending nowadays) Those are valuable questions, but in […]

The budget is at the center of every marketing department. Limited or not you have to measure the results. If you are a marketer you know what it is like, you have to create strategies to make the most out of your budget, spend it wisely to increase your revenue. And it all depends on […]

Let us try to describe your relationship with Google Ads and Quality Score 🙂 You are happy to get an impression and order via Google Adwords. The cost per order (cpo) and cost per click (cpc) a little bit high but you think that’s normal and the same for all advertisers. But the truth is […]

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