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Roman Adamita

Director of SEO

Roman Adamita was instrumental in the formation of the team. He was the first member of our SEO department, which has overgrown. His work is paramount in driving the SEO department’s success forward. He was awarded the MENA Search Awards as the youngest search professional last year. Roman is like a magician, and he knows it.

Professional Skills

Roman's SEO knowledge is deep and extensive. His project management, communication skills, and technical understanding are exceptional. He's worked with a multitude of organizations with wildly differing needs, his approach is always strategic and methodical, and achieves outstanding results.


He manages the SEO team and is an excellent educator and motivator, helping people to further develop their skills and careers. Roman is always analyzing and improving processes and also finds the time to maintain weekly-growth reports. Roman is an essential part of the BoostRoas picture.


Since winning such an award at a young age, Roman's career has really changed. He supports the BoostRoas SEO department, which has been an adventure for him. When Roman's rarely away from his work, he can often be seen cycling and traveling.

Blogs written by Roman Adamita

Blog Post

Last week we shared with you exciting news on our social media accounts. Our lovely partner DeepCrawl has agreed to make a webinar in the first week of December. We have exciting news! 🤩 First week of December, we will make a webinar with our lovely Partner @DeepCrawl Our SEO team leader @AdamitaRoman and Clara […]

This is about the “Crawlers Gonna Rate” webinar recap, which we streamed it last week. When you read the webinar’s title, you may imagine some slow-moving creature low to the ground crawling, but it’s definitely not about it. Last week, DeepCrawl’s Clara Watt and I (Roman Adamita) made a webinar regarding how to get the […]

Your e-commerce website might dominate in the industry or might not. Your website might get a huge crowd of visitors from organic search or might get a few visitors daily. Your website might have phenomenal conversions from your mobile application but the mobile web a little bit. But it’s not the point. The point is […]

Do you ever think how small-medium or new-ish e-commerce websites can outrank the most popular e-commerce sites and survive through the pandemic? Despite the fact that numerous statistics have shown how interest in online shopping has been increasing substantially ever since the COVID-19 lockdown began, I would like you to know that I am not […]

The long question is how canonicalizing e-commerce pagination pages to the first page will affect SEO and Google’s crawl intent regarding products included in other pages? I prefer to simplify complex things, and I would like to explain what I mean by “canonicalization pagination pages” on e-commerce or other websites. Let’s assume that your website […]

My goal is to present you with a quick and easy guide on tracking keyword performance in this blog post. It will be brief, but I hope many of you will find it actionable and useful in your daily work routines. By tracking the performance of specific keywords, you will be aware of what’s happening […]

When we are questioning something, from time to time, we must ask two questions ourselves: Why is it a reason, and for what reason is it a reason? In this blog post, we wanted to do teamwork, where we will share years of experience on why and when clients are looking for an SEO agency to work […]

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