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Ozan Karakuz

Analytics & Data Insight Executive

Ozan always tries to learn new things not only just in digital marketing but also anything in life. He tries to improve himself every day to be a professional global marketer and a better person.

Professional Skills

Ozan started his career with SEO and after gaining some experience in SEO he decided to switch Data Analytics to have a 360-degree perspective in digital marketing. He still improves himself and continues to develop in this direction. He's always learning more about data analysis and tries to create great measurement infrastructure without the loss of any data. He analyzes the data, provides insight, and helps to decide the next marketing activity with a data-driven approach.


Ensuring the accuracy of the data flow of existing brands, creating dashboards, organizing all mid-level Analytics project development and undertaking the entire operation.


He likes to explore new places and different things. He loves listening to music so much that he started producing his own music using digital programs. Also, he tries to follow every branch of sport such as basketball(NBA), football (EPL, Champions League), F1, tennis(Wimbledon) and so on.

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