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Nefise Taş

SEO Associate

Nefise loves energy, caricatures and everything that funny. That's why She likes to raise the energy of the people She works with and make them laugh. For her, the most important thing in her working life is team spirit, healthy communication and planned work, and she does not like to complain at all. She believes that it is very important to solve problems in constructive ways and not to magnify them.

Professional Skills

Nefise studied literature and language at the university So She loves to read, research and learn new things. She is particularly interested in psychology, history, sociology. That's why she is very curious about human behavior in the digital world, not only the technical parts of digital culture and his field of study, SEO, but also the parts related to human nature. For her, SEO requires a great deal of empathy. In order to improve this, she tries to apply and understand everything she has learned.


Nefise is a teammate who supports the brands we work with in SEO in order to meet their growth targets and expectations.


Nefise does not afraid change, so she constantly wants to change places and cities she lives in. What she wants most is to work from different parts of the world with her computer and to be a nomad teammate.

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