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Müge Kürüm

Managing Director

Performing process management like an orchestra conductor, Müge continues to develop and specialize in many different fields through her passion for digital marketing. She has exceptional project management skills with every department and all of her clients. Nowadays, high interest in Agile management methods. Is there anyone eagerly awaiting both the winter and summer seasons? Of course! She flies like a butterfly with a snowboard in wintertime and windsurfs during the summertime. Being a travel lover, her next stop will hopefully be Peru and South America.

Professional Skills

T shaped marketing approach is vital in obtaining favorable results both in personal and team. With problem-solving and communication skills, she builds rapport effortlessly, and maintaining good business relationships is something that comes naturally to her and knows how to create a great system and how to gain consistent results.


One of her main passions is boosting the client's KPIs and actively monitoring project progress. She's always involved in the improvement of existing systems, always helping team-members, and holds regular performance meetings. She creates case-studies based on the results we achieve. Presentations and training workshops are also an enjoyable part. She'll tell you that her favorite part of the job, is assisting global awards.


The main goal for Muge is taking her skillset to a more global stage. She has a thirst for knowledge and is always thrilled to learn more about her field.

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