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Meltem Kaplan

Talent Acquisition Executive

Meltem believes that our world of thought shapes our emotions and behaviors. She doesn't know what Monday syndrome means so that she starts the day with positive energy every morning. She enjoys transferring this energy to the Boostroas family. She is responsible for every single detail of Boostroas' happiness and culture-building processes.

Professional Skills

She considers herself skilled in communication. She considers her a good icebreaker, especially in interpersonal communication. She can quickly embrace new topics and environments. She can quickly adapt to the intensity of business life and catches the flow.


She is responsible for all training, activities, and personnel affairs, from determining the company's staffing needs to place the most suitable candidate for the position. She plays a crucial role in the creation and management of the company's culture by offering the most appropriate methods for the employee's journey from the completion of these processes to employee dismissal.


Meltem's main goal is to make a remarkably successful career in the world. She wants to write a book that his colleagues can use as a professional guide in the future and present this book to the whole world.

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