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Kübra Harmankaya

PPC Team Lead

She is living between the scenes of the world. She's always dreamed about living on one of the endless beaches of Portugal because this is the kind of life she'll always have in mind. Among her most valuable skills is her ability to improve the quality of anything in the digital universe. Warm songs and some good coffee makes her feel complete.

Professional Skills

She's managing all kinds of performance campaigns on the biddable platforms. Performance planning and creating new optimize ways are her hobbies. Her best cases come from search engines. Social media channels transform into solid results in her hands.


She leads the client through the right ways on performance platforms. Creating, optimising and reporting campaigns with the professional skills to her clients. She is also interested in back scenes of the campaigns as tracking codes, the structure of the web pages or apps. She is a really valuable team player at the Media Pitches.


She likes to travel to warm places with the sun and the sea. Photographs that she takes increases the quality of the time that you spend with her. Kübra likes to achieve any goal and solve any problem. That’s why you get inspired by her skills and active lifestyle.

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