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Kansu Bankeroğlu

Community Builder

Kansu loves to network, which is great because he is in charge of increasing our connections! If you run into him, he is either in a meeting with new clients and partners, hanging out with friends or watching a motor race.

Professional Skills

When it comes to business, as a PhD candidate, he is fully equipped with knowledge! He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the UK, and now he is putting that experience into practice by joining our Sales Department. As a former Londoner, he is experienced with the culture and workplace behaviour of the UK market, and he is laser-focused on building a network for us.


He is in charge of the global growth strategy, focusing on the UK market. Generating leads, creating lead sources, making partnerships, market research, the first communication with potential partners and clients are some of his daily duties! He identifies the needs of the client or partner and engages in an offer they cannot deny!


As an islander, the most relaxing and joyful activity for him is to chill by the beach during summer. If you like hanging out by the beach while eating pizza, you can easily be his friend!

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