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Göktürk Ülker

Senior PPC Account Executive

He is a marketing lover! He especially likes the mix of digital marketing and traditional marketing. He believes that marketing will save the world one day. He also makes music with the stage name of Mavka. The way to escape from this world is to play the accordion for him. He participates in Airsoft battles although not very often. He has a lot of memories to tell (mostly hilarious 😅 ). He loves living experimentally.

Professional Skills

In the past, he has been involved in marketing activities in the fields of Lead, Mobile App and Mobile Game. He has been in the field of digital marketing in the Tourism industry for the last 2 years. He is an expert in Google and Facebook advertising technologies. He constantly improves himself, follows innovations and writes blog posts. He is passionate about data. He believes that performance marketing is a whole. He is currently developing himself in the fields of Growth hacking, Gamification on Marketing, UX & UI Design Optimization on Marketing.


He aims to establish strategies that are open to transformation, where he can get quick results for his brands. He focuses on the best. He believes that success is not achieved by working alone, but rather working together. That's why he always works with his teammates. He does not hesitate to implement innovations. He always aims for the better. If he makes a mistake, that mistake is an experience for him, and experience leads to success!


Göktürk is an experience-addict who enjoys trying different things. (He has a bucket list before he dies 😎) He may have studied or learned about a topic you never expected. Being remembered well at the end of his journey in life is what motivates him the most. He believes that every person who comes into our lives contributes to us.

Blogs written by Göktürk Ülker

Blog Post

Although the concept of marketing is thought to have emerged with print ads in 1450, it started to be applied as outbound marketing before that. Gamification in marketing is one of the remarkable ways of marketing, which has gone through many stages until now.  So what is gamification in marketing? If we look at the […]

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