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Esra Mercan

Client Success Specialist

The world has recognized the importance of Client Success. Looking from another person’s perspective is hard to achieve. However, she is always an advocate for her brands and strives for the best for the clients and the team.

Professional Skills

The ex-English teacher has quit her job for the sake of Digital Marketing! Because of her strong communication and empathy skills, she started from Client Success. She makes sure everything goes on well between the team and the clients.


She sees herself as a bridge between the team and the clients. She onboards new clients. She is responsible for being there when any client needs support. Getting feedback from clients through surveys and meetings and guiding the teammates are a part of her job. She does project tracking. She also deals with keeping client satisfaction score high and churn rate low. She is focused on building long-term relationships with clients. If you have an issue with your client, knock on her door!


She likes different cultures. She loves learning languages and traveling. Learning is her biggest motivation. She loves to read about lands that never exist. If she learns something new at the end, she will put her heart and soul into it! She is also very much into Women’s Studies and wishes to have a degree in it one day!

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