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Esra Kadı

Senior PPC Account Executive

Esra is a complete work lover, computers are a hobby of hers, even outside of business hours. Her favorite TV series is 'Friends'. She says that she feels immersed and peaceful whenever she watches it. However, she hasn't been able to come to the 5th season for over 5 years. Her favorite sport is table tennis and she never loses. (She usually prefers to quit before she might lose a game.) She loves coloring and all things colorful. If you entrust her with any documents, there's a high chance it will be returned covered in different stickers and pen colors like a rainbow!

Professional Skills

Esra is an essential and diligent executive of our PPC team. She's extremely well-organized and has great time-management skills as well as being punctual, she's also being very results-orientated too. Esra is an incredibly fast learner and blog writer with a natural flair for content creation. This had lead her to assume a key position in client strategy creation and in-house blog writing.


Esra's main specialization is in PPC. She's also managing e-commerce clients and assisting with lead generation. Esra speaks with clients' on a monthly basis to ensure that all key performance targets have been reached and to keep making minor adjustments that maximize their overall strategy.


So what is she doing now? Esra provides support for all of your marketing activities that also include advertising. She's always working and is one of the first people that comes to mind when we think of PPC. Her professional and personal adventure is always taking her to interesting places and she's determined to be one of the best in anything she pursues.

Blogs written by Esra Kadı

Blog Post

  In Google Ads, we planned an optimization strategy for an e-commerce brand based on the conversion rate, which is essential for increasing ad effectiveness. Our campaign performance has increased by 10x as a result of this work. Following a brief explanation of what e-commerce rate is and how it is optimized, I’ll go into […]

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