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Erdem Demirli

Analytics Technical Lead

The number of pixel colors in digital is increasing day by day. This means a more colorful digital future. Erdem loves to use these colors. For him, patience is the greatest strength, learning is a never ending story.

Professional Skills

Erdem has been involved in digital marketing for more than 10 years and has been involved in the effective use of existing tools and the development of new models and tools. Call center integrations made to use Google products more effectively, the purpose and development of the CDP platform, the creation and development of platforms that have evolved into apps and whose measurement needs are increasing day by day are among the topics Erdem has touched.


Erdem is responsible for increasing the team's digital scope and technical knowledge, finding new business models and applying them technically in Analytics projects between teams and departments, and implementing these business models in line with brand targets. He does this as a requirement of generating alternative solutions and asking the right questions.


Erdem likes to narrate his observant personality with data. That's why, he likes to work with pleasure and with a smile on his face. Data is power, and using data undoubtedly feels powerful. Another passion for him is to think differently. To what extent to use the data is surely where the result begins.

Blogs written by Erdem Demirli

Blog Post

It’s been almost a year since Google released the new & the fourth version of analytics “Google Analytics 4.0”. The previous three updates were Urchin, Classic & Universal Analytics – the one before the GA4.0 People are still confused about the difference between the previous ones. This article will highlight the differences, features & advantages […]

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