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Emre Özoğluuntur

Senior PPC Account Executive

He is a PPC boy in a PPC world. He likes to gain new skills and new opportunities. He is obsessed with Neuromarketing. If you give a cup of coffee to him, he can work all day long. His favorite things are playing Assassin’s Creed and driving a truck in Europe via ETS, reading books, playing his adorable harmonica, and discovering new destinations.

Professional Skills

He leads the digital marketing processes in almost every industry. He likes to discover new strategies and practice immediately. He blends digital marketing approaches and neuromarketing approaches for digital marketing processes.


He aims to get the best results in the campaigns that he manages. He focuses on all PPC tools. He is a perfectionist when he works. He likes to take a risk about digital marketing. He is not afraid of implementing new campaigns and new approaches.


He wants to give a hand to those who want to learn something about digital marketing. In the future, he wants to share his experiences who want to listen. He likes to travel to new places, museums, and ancient cities. One day, he hopes to buy a Porsche 911 turbo and he hopes to live in Iceland.

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