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Efnan Mierzhati

Senior Paid Growth Strategiest

She feels the wings in her soul! She never gets tired of trying to gain new skills. She has a passion for learning new cultures and languages. She can explain why she chose to be a digital nomad in 6 languages. Living in Bali is her only goal in life. So, she works very hard to achieve that. Please do me favour! Tell her to stop watching Miyazaki's movies all the time.

Professional Skills

She manages different ad accounts which are the leading brands of Turkey and the UK market. Many technical paid projects rigorously implement the operation steps and provide strategic directions. She is highly experienced in E-commerce & fashion.


She manages different ad accounts, many of which are some of the leading brands within both the Turkish and British market. A lot of the technical, paid projects rigorously implement the operational steps and provide strategic direction. She is highly experienced in E-commerce, fashion and linguistics.


It is possible to see Efnan working with her computer and drinking coffee in one of the sweetest cafes in Istanbul. She has become a source of motivation for everyone with her active lifestyle and limitless energy. She hopes to settle down in Bali at the end of the BoostRoas part of her adventure.

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