Büşra Çildaş

Senior SEO Executive

Büşra is always finding new ways to improve SEO processes to increase overall web-traffic for our clients. She’s also a fantastic content creator. She can write about any subject while listening to Studio Ghibli movie soundtracks. One of her biggest dreams is to go and live in Japan for a while.

Professional Skills

Büşra started her career through her passion for SEO projects and she continues to further develop her skills in this direction. She has a vast knowledge of keyword analysis, as well as both technical and content SEO studies. Büşra plays a key part in the operation studies and is heavily involved in projecting the whole process.


Büşra is always increasing the organic visibility for brands and spends much of her time working on search results pages. Her desire to write a success story is unrivaled, she creates a new one every time she involves herself in a new project.


She always seems to find the strength to overcome any difficulty. Büşra loves working on global projects and is an avid fan of travel. Her organizational skills are second to none and she's always moving forward towards the next goal. From the moment she joined the team, her passion and technical expertise really stood out. Büşra naturally has fantastic communication skills and story-telling charm.

Blogs written by Büşra Çildaş

Blog Post

During special holidays, seasonal content comes to the rescue like a precious pearl hidden in an oyster. Because with a high-quality seasonal content aiming for user intent, your website can be the holiday season’s champion.  Unfortunately, creating the best content is easier said than done. Looking for content ideas and timing their releases can be […]

Digital copywriting is not similar to writing your ideas on a piece of paper. To gain visibility on the web, you need to evaluate many steps before publishing your beloved blog posts.  For an SEO newbie, these steps may be confusing. However, we live in an era of technology… With the help of a lovely […]

You publish content regularly on your blog, and you love all of your articles. However, your blog articles cannot be found on Google Search results, and you need to get traffic. What will you do to become visible in this immense sea of online content marketing in which more than 31 million bloggers exist just […]

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