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Burcu Biket Özyaydar

Director Of PPC

Ready to use all your engineering skills with the PPC team for Boostroas. PPC is a puzzle for her and she enjoys solving a lot. With her daughter's smile, be sitting on top of the world. She loves to spend all her time and energy with her baby girl. She is looking forward to traveling to Turkey and the World with her. He loves to paint all kinds (including whitewash, it not a joke, ). Acrylic works and ottoman tiles are her favorite. Looking forward to trying oil painting! Cooking is therapy for her. Preparing new recipes and healthy foods are one of those rare jobs that you won't get bored of. She has a guitar and piano in the house. No longer has time to play :( She fights with her father and husband to do repair work herself at home. "The engineer was here”

Professional Skills

She started her career with Google Ads and learned this business in the right kitchen. For more than 5 years, she has been developing her online brand-advertising efforts and continually supporting their on-going growth operations throughout the process.


As a PPC manager, she is responsible for the management and development of the entire PPC Team. If the clients are delighted, then the PPC teammates are happy too, and that's when Burcu's happy. This ensures the continued cycle of the system as the happiness of the team also depends on the happiness of our current PPC clients.


BoostRoas is the most enjoyable part of her adventure. ROAS is a metric that is one of the central pillars of her life. She went on numerous different journeys in order to develop her team and realize her own true potential.

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