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Bora Ulaş Öztürk

PPC Associate

Comic reader, the indie lover, obsessed with self-developing loves to learn something new to improve himself every day, calm and reasonable team worker dedicates himself to solve problems he comes across, especially likes listening to music during night walks, can't leave his home without headphones.

Professional Skills

Currently, his skills are doing practical about brands' operations, trying different strategies to find the most optimized ones for brands' interests', tracing campaigns daily to inform his brands, solves things practically as soon as possible.


As a newcomer PPC Associate, he attends operational tasks for the brands in Google and Social Media and tracks budgets and other metrics. He solves brands' problems while in his everyday work.


Curious about the future of digital marketing and PPC also wants to learn other areas such as Programmatic and Analytics. Follows latest events and developments for Digital Marketing. His roadmap ends with a dream of living in a Japanese fisher village.

Blogs written by Bora Ulaş Öztürk

Blog Post

Hello, I’m the freshman of BoostROAS PPC team, Bora Öztürk. I was interested in Digital Marketing for a time being, I was very fond of the internet since my childhood and I was seeing the ads before knowing what they are and how they work. As you know, we come across any of these ads […]

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