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Berna Bakir

SEO Associate

The world is her home but her mind is between the stars. She always thinks energetically and positively. You will also be affected by these vibes. Her colourful mind keeps inside many songs, books and creative ideas. She believes stars and numbers affect human life.

Professional Skills

She has had a comprehensive knowledge of politics, economy, and sociology to resonate with users through videos both on YouTube and website. It is her desire to think about what would make users on Google, her user.


Focuses on approach targets with product videos on e-commerce websites. Researching SEO components, site contents as video, blog etc. in line with the needs of brands. Applying necessary steps to get hype. Define the best way to gain traffic to your website.


She loves hiking to the mountains and is thirsty to be at the peak. She also always participates in volunteer projects wherever she is. Her teamwork skills come from her theatre passion. In recent years she joined many teams as an actress, director, assistant, etc. As a team member, she is willing to be a force to move up to the peak of the search result.

Blogs written by Berna Bakir

Blog Post

Berna Bakır here! After having 8 years of experience in performing art, I started applying my know-how for YouTube videos to increase videos’ views and audience retention. Over the past few months, I decided to go one step further and commenced a pleasant journey. Learning Video SEO! It all started with me being a part […]

Let’s start with what is Video SEO? Video SEO can be defined as the technique to do On-Page Video and In-Video Optimization to cater to the visitor’s Search Intent and increase the chances to rank higher on YouTube Search & Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page).    Why Is Video SEO Important? Google is the first, […]

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