Atakan Alemdar

PPC Account Executive

He is obsessed with: Facebook ads, reading self-improving articles on a daily basis, and finding the best outcome for the success of his case'. He has also been interested in e-commerce for years, if you want to take a look at his own baby; click here. His hobbies include his car being essential to him, in a way that often drives his team-mates crazy, and he enjoys getting into trouble with them often. If you happen to be in Ankara, you may find Atakan in a corner while waiting for a tow truck. Atakan is also an avid entrepreneur with experience in US markets.

Professional Skills

As a PPC team member, he is exceptionally interested in creating and supporting the client's social media advertising operations. He's also a wizard when it comes to lead generation strategies. He has been specializing and spear-heading many of the lead generation projects for our service-clients.


Choosing the optimal channel for the brand among paid channels. He's also producing projects that perfectly allign with the needs of our clients. He then creates a functional target-based strategy to attain those needs most effectively.


He first started his advertising work on his own initiative, then his interest in digital marketing began to grow by the day, and this path eventually lead him to find BoostRoas. Atakan is very ambitious and his goals are very high, but we are together on this adventure.

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