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Asude Türközen

PPC Team Lead

She is a part of nature. Runs into the wild on any opportunity, any ride. The sea is especially home to her. Freely swimming across the deep seas keeps her mind clear and she is able to ponder the spiritual thoughts that she wishes to explore for her life.

Professional Skills

Asude is managing all performance channels at the same time. Boosts the brands’ performance with her biddable platform skills no matter if it is e-commerce or lead-based. Also experienced with projects, lift studies, and brings fast solutions during crisis. Her social media and Google channels are harmonised with her strong strategies.


Boosts her lucky clients performance metrics on the different biddable channels. She sets up auto-reporting dashboards and creates strategies clearly.


Camping is not an activity for her. She belongs to nature. Loving forests, the sea, animals and also mother earth loves her. Because she’s not just a camper, she respects and takes care of all nature members. Traveling to many places doesn't satisfy her, there's always more to do!

Blogs written by Asude Türközen

Blog Post

What Is A Media Report & Media Plan? The Media Plan is basically a process layout to determine when, where & how factors of the advertisement positively impact the ROI & engagements. In short, Media Planning is devising the right plan to allocate & utilize the advertisement budget across all the channels – marketers determine […]

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