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Adem Yıldız

Technical SEO Executive

Adem but you can call him Adão. He generally provides consultancy to e-commerce websites on search engine optimization. He improves himself every day to be a professional global marketer.

Professional Skills

He can make deep analysis in the field of technical SEO. It creates an effective route by examining all data. It is the sought-after name for your website's international SEO. He can also optimize the crawl budget effectively, don't hide your thin pages as Adem can find them. Also, growth is more than a target, it is a passion for him.


Generally, he follows the organic traffic of e-commerce websites and creates a strategy accordingly. He increases the visibility of websites by solving technical SEO deficiencies. It creates a route with brands for organic traffic and digital marketing strategies in general and strives to lead it to success through this route.


He loves making international friends and spending time with them. At the same time, travel is an important metric for him as much as growth. He has traveled to many European countries and had education experience. He thinks that each market is a different experience for him. He wants to work in most markets, in all areas of digital marketing.

Blogs written by Adem Yıldız

Blog Post

If we have a global website, and we have many language alternatives, international SEO becomes very important in this case. There are vital criteria that will affect the international SEO of our website. The first of these is the location of the content delivery network we use, which affects our speed metric. The second of […]

One of the essential metrics affecting our speed score is Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) among the Core Web Vitals values. Especially on a news or magazine website, while reading an article, we can give an example of shifting a grid in an advertisement or website that suddenly appears. Especially on the mobile side, it can […]

Why would a user visit your website when there are hundreds of choices of websites answering users’ questions and providing services in their field of interest? You may be helping them in their quest for a better user experience, and being able to answer their questions instantly is one of the most important criteria. Therefore, […]

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