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Job Overview:

Boost Academy Digital Marketing Training and Specialization Program (DMT-SP)

The Digital Marketing Specialization Program opens its doors to anyone who wants to shape their career and gain experience in digital marketing.

As part of the BoostRoas team, you can have the opportunity to learn and apply fundamental dynamics on a project basis during your 3-month training adventure. The program consists of 2 stages; After understanding the essential information in the Starter period in the first week, you can start implementing projects in the area you want to specialize in (PPC, Analytics, SEO). You can participate in this office independent education from your home, local cafe, or library.

Who can join?

Anyone interested in digital marketing wants to work in this sector and shape his career, has & has no experience, does not currently work in a company, has high self-discipline, can participate at least 3 days a week, and likes to work in the home office. After graduating from a 3-month project-based application for the training program, you have the chance to continue your career in the BoostRoas team.

What will you have after the program?

Remote working experience for 3months with BoostRoas team. Expertise in your chosen area (PPC & SEO & Analytics) Training participation certificate. Online learning and working ability. Experience in working with brands in BoostRoas customer inventory. Possibility to join the BoostRoas team at the end of the training.


You can also visit the company website for more information about the DMT-SP process via the link:



  • In the first month, you will be included in a training process on the subjects that need to be specialized.
  • This training will reveal which areas you are more prone to.
  • The brands to be operated on will be shaped accordingly.
  • Brands’ operational practices will also be carried out on each subject to be learned.
  • This process will be an educational adventure where more than theory can be obtained.
  • Until you join the team, we will be glad if you read the global resources in digital marketing and take small up-to-date steps in the area.
  • After the free hands-on training program for 3 months, you can get your certification and continue your digital marketing journey.
  • There has hardly been anyone who has left this program and is not included in the team.

We’re looking forward to seeing you among us!

About Boostroas:

BoostRoas is comprised of a talented group of digital marketing professionals who are passionate about boosting return on ad spending, increasing conversions with optimized ad campaigns, targeted marketing techniques. The BoostTeam grew 400% in less than a year, with members adopting the principle of remote working across the globe. We are fully remote working in different locations such as Turkey, Czech Republic, Moldova, Cyprus, Dubai. With this team spirit, we won the MENA Search Awards Best Small PPC Agency category and European Search Awards Best Use of Data category awards. People who think they are suitable for the above competencies can apply from anywhere in the world; we work remotely.


  • Aiming for a career in digital marketing
  • Having knowledge and interest about Boostroas is an advantage
  • Studying in any department of the university
  • Able to devote at least 20 hours of working time per week
  • Must be able to speak English fluently

We offer:

  • Work in a dynamic company
  • Work in a dynamic company
  • Remote working, flexible working hours

Employement type:

  • Full-Time Remote

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