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December 29, 2020

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If we have a global website, and we have many language alternatives, international SEO becomes very important in this case. There are vital criteria that will affect the international SEO of our website. The first of these is the location of the content delivery network we use, which affects our speed metric. The second of these is the hreflang code, where we specify our website’s alternative language page. This code is important for us to target our page. The third is the GEO IP redirect plugin. It is a method that automatically directs our visitors who visit our website according to their location.


If our website only covers the target audience in one country, we don’t have to worry about international SEO.

For example, one of our websites is an e-commerce company operating only in Portugal. Thus, the things we need to do are;

We are selecting Portugal from the International Targeting section on Search Console. After this stage, our website will be more prominent in searches in Portugal.

If our website uses a ccTLD, Search engines such as or .uk will make it easier to understand for which location you serve.

For local SEO, using Google Business as another important Google tool will benefit us. The location information can index our website when searching for a more specific area in the search results.

Sometimes, in cases where we do not specify which country our website serves, our server’s IP address can also be used.

If we have a global website and serve all French-speaking countries in French or serve all nations in English, we must apply different strategies.

If we have a global website and serve all French-speaking countries in French or serve all nations in English, we must apply different strategies.

Since we don’t serve a particular country, we need to select it as unlisted on Search Console.

If our website targets visitors in all countries, our CDN usage should be speed-based, not location-based, because our international SEO strategy is based on reaching each country with a website.

Therefore, we need to use a very high-quality server, and it should minimize the slowness caused by the distance.

If we have a global website that has created separate pages for each country, we can follow a different strategy.

If we have a global website that has created separate pages for each country, we can follow a different strategy.

In such an option, we can implement more than one strategy. However, in this case, our budget is an essential variable for us. Therefore, teamwork with the finance department is required because there will be a different server use for each of our extensions, which means an additional accounting item.

So why is the CDN necessary here? The example I will give you as a gamer is equivalent to the server’s important when you connect to a game. The closer the server is to you, the lower your ping will be, and you will not experience lag while playing. The further away our website’s CDN’s location is from our target audience, the slower the website will open accordingly. We will get a low score from the speed metric, which is one of Google’s most important criteria, and we will rank in the back, and our conversion rate will decrease considerably in terms of user experience.

We can collect all pages in other languages on a single server and define them separately.

You can have it on a single server and choose which country your subfolder or subdomain targets via Search Console.

We can link all alternative pages using the hreflang in the <head> section of our page.

We have a website that produces content in many languages, and what are the pros and cons of using geo IP redirect?

We produce content in many languages on our website, and we can use geo IP redirect to help users find the content that suits them best. It can be a very effective user experience method, but sometimes it can cause serious damage if not properly optimized. Google recommends that these redirects should be 302 instead of 301. Some websites still use 301 redirects and are making this error.

The problem we often encounter with some websites is that when we want to enter the page of a particular product or content, the redirection is directed to the home page of our location’s website. The most crucial issue in SEO is that Googlebot is not allowed because Googlebot is generally US-based and may not be able to access other alternative pages.

In this case, we can use banners to ensure that our entire website can be entirely scanned by search engines and users access the content in the language they want or the store in their country.

Boostroas - Geo IP Redirection Example - LTB Geo Index

As can be seen here, a different connection has been placed in each country, and direct forwarding has been avoided. Because direct guidance can often be painful, any optimization problem can affect our web site’s performance in that market. Our website is not only a stopping point for users but also for search engines. Maybe GEO IP redirect is useful in terms of user experience, but misdirect may cause us problems in a long time.

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