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August 12, 2020

4 min read

Let us try to describe your relationship with Google Ads and Quality Score 🙂

You are happy to get an impression and order via Google Adwords. The cost per order (cpo) and cost per click (cpc) a little bit high but you think that’s normal and the same for all advertisers. But the truth is not! You might be missing the opportunity to get more sales along with decreasing cpc by increasing Quality Score.

We’d like to tell you the story of how you can improve quality score and how it will affect your account after you succeed it. If you are beginner: check these links 1,2 to get more detail about the quality score. Let’s start; When I analyze an account, I always start with checking the quality score. When I had checked the is a well-known e-commerce gift store it was about 6.82.

You can think it’s not bad; but it’s not good enough and should be higher than 8. Anyway, I started to optimize campaigns, and got the result only in a few weeks! The quality score went up to 9.2 And now it’s changing between 8.7 and 9.4 It was achieved by just working on it for 20 minutes daily. I’ll send you for improving the quality score checklist but before that let me explain the top five important metrics that have big effects on quality score.

#1- What’s your search term to keyword ratio? 

You should focus to increase keyword density to have more control. For instance, you are targeting “stroller” (Broad match) as a keyword and your ad title is “Shop Baby Strollers” and landing page goes through to the stroller page. What if the user searches for “twin stroller”? If you don’t have any specific text ads or landing page for twin strollers: sorry you’ve missed the potential sales because she doesn’t click on your ads or can’t find twin strollers on the landing page. What if you don’t sell twin strollers? You should add the keyword as negative!

#2- Do you have different ad copies for all keywords?

You got the search query report and you decided to add all keywords, but you might be confused about which keywords should be triggered on which campaign or ad group. The best practice is to create new ad groups for all triggered keywords. It’s sound crazy, right? You will have a better account by grouping keywords into ad groups. So I’m usually sorting keywords by high impressions and then create a new ad group. It takes some time but it has a huge impact on performance because after splitting the keywords you have a chance to define different ad copy and landing page!

#3- Are you sure that your text ads are attractive enough?

Don’t give up to creating new ad copies until to find the best ones for you. There are many options to create variations of text ads like dynamic keyword insertion, countdown, giving an exciting offer, using a strong call to action like “shop”, “book now”, “free”, “this week only” etc…

#4- I’m sure that you use all extensions but do you optimize them?

As you know, we can give extra information such as sitelinks, callout etc… by using extensions. That gives us more visibility and higher CTR. But adding extensions are not enough. You should find the best ad copy for your services or products. For instance, which sitelink performance would be better for stroller keyword? Should you add stroller product or related categories such as “baby carrier”, “travel systems” etc? Maybe adding free shipping promotion or %20 discount will be more attractive. In our case, using the top selling products as sitelink worked better .

#5- Check ad position

Google shows only four ads above the line and if your ads are below the line the CTR (which is the one of most important metrics on quality score) will be decreasing most probably and you’ll miss some of the potential clicks. If your ads positions are lower than four, try to increase your bids or to pause keywords with no conversion.

Closing Thoughts

Let’s check what happened after jumping in quality score from 6,82 to 9,2 CTR is going up to %7.53 from %2.84 that means we get 2.65x more clicks and sales only by increasing CTR. It’s hard to define the direct impact of CPC because while you are optimizing campaigns, you are doing many changes at the same time such as increasing cpc to get a better position. But I hope the screenshot below can give an idea. CPC decreased from 0.51 to 0.38 Average position increased from 4.1 to 1.9 As you see, the higher quality score isn’t affected only by cpc. What happens if we manage to increase the quality score? Rank will be higher Cpc will be decreased and therefore cpa will be decreased too You will get more sales That was my story for one of my clients that we succeed to get more sales by increasing the quality score. Please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be glad to be part of your quality score stories =)

All you need is an integrated solution of PPC, SEO and Analytics.

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Written by:

Şahin Seçil

Managing Director

With his unique data-oriented approach, he sowed the seeds that went on to create the BoostRoas principles many years ago. He mainstreamed the idea of working remotely, which is the most enjoyable way to work for the whole team.

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