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April 06, 2022

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Hello everyone! I’m Nefise, one of the latest discoveries of BoostRoas’ SEO team. I want to tell you how my BoostRoas journey began.

Getting started has always been difficult. To start a new career, start a new article, start a new job or even start reading. That’s why I want to make an introduction that will make it easier for you to start reading. 


How I Met Google?

My acquaintance with Google coincides with the period when I first met with computers. For a long time, the computer meant entering Paint from the computer in my sister’s office, drawing pictures and playing games 🙂


Then one day, I went to the internet cafe with my brother to play games again. I looked around a bit before getting to the computer and playing games. It was a mysterious place for me. Dozens of kids were excitedly playing games on many computers, and the internet cafe owner was sitting in front of the main computer. For me, he was like a teacher. Then the question came to my mind, how can I do research with a computer. Because I knew some of my friends did this. Then I shyly went to the man who owned the internet cafe and whom I saw as a teacher and asked;

Where do we type it on the computer when we want to search for something?

This was a big step not only for me but also for all humanity 🙂

Google! The place to write what I was wondering to search for something was Google’s search bar! It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? It was an inspiring moment for me. But when I think about it now, the part that I like even more is; I am currently trying to offer people an enjoyable research adventure by understanding the working algorithms of this simple search engine. I want to wink at that little girl, if you excuse me!


Who is Nefise? How Did Her Path Cross with SEO?

I am a graduate of Istanbul University Turkish Language and Literature. For many years, all I wanted was to be an academic. Why is that? I don’t have a classic answer here because, unlike many people, I love not only to learn but also to teach. When I was still in elementary school, instead of playing house, I would pretend like a teacher with a group of my imaginary students to play a game. Telling, teaching and writing have always been a lot of fun for me.


Since I am a literature graduate, I did various editorial jobs after university. I produced content for websites as a freelance, managed a website and formed a team of writers. Of course, my diaries that I wrote since my childhood and that no one should see were also influential in this writing curiosity 🙂


I met SEO when I was producing content. I knew what it was as a concept, but I didn’t know how it worked. Then, when I was unemployed, I woke up one morning after a 2-day depression and said I wanted to learn SEO. Because I wished not only to be an academic but also to be an expert on many subjects. I had attended a couple of small SEO training before. I also sent CVs, e-mails and messages to many agencies that I found with courage here. I received a return from an agency and accepted without hesitation the same day. One week later, I started an internship at an agency 🙂


First Contact with SEO!

I went to the agency on Monday, and one of the first things I learned was that when we right-click with the mouse and select inspect, the page that opens is the code of a website. Really? It turns out that this page, which I accidentally opened for years and closed because I was afraid of doing something wrong when I opened it, means the whole rough construction of the website. I like to describe it like that 🙂 

I felt like a computer engineer, and then I started to tell everyone everything I had learned. I was like a kid who comes home from school excited and tells her family about the day. When I look back months later, I see that I still feel the excitement of the first day.

PS: I also feel cooler than a computer engineer right now 🙂

How I Met BoostRoas?

After a few months of internship there, my path crossed with BoostRoas. I started working at Boostroas as an SEO Associate. But at the same time, I took DMT (Digital Marketing Specialization) training for 2.5 months. This is where the real story started.

DMT is a specialization program that anyone can attend and does not require any prior knowledge. Although I met SEO, there were a lot of details that I needed to learn. I had to move forward in terms of both SEO and digital marketing. For this reason, I entered an intensive training period that lasted for 2.5 months.

How Did the DMT Work? What Was I Responsible?

First of all, I thought that I started from scratch so that what I had learned about SEO before would not prevent me from learning new things. Because learning SEO is a long road, I started to walk on a new path.

During my DMT, there were topics that I was responsible for learning and presenting each week. We started from scratch; How Google Algorithms Work? What Does Google Care About? My education, which began with these questions, continued with content and technical issues. Every week, I made presentations to my team about the topics I learned. However, the important thing here was not just reading and conveying what I read with a presentation. I’ve done a lot of research, read a lot of resources, and experimented throughout DMT. I tried what I learned on my website.

Here is a little advice for SEO enthusiasts; you must have a website that will be a playground.

I also learned during the DMT process that there are rock stars in the SEO world. John Mueller, Aleyda Solis, Lily Ray and more. You can also find great websites where you can improve yourself. There is a living space, a new universe in the SEO world. This universe can engulf you directly.

Within ten weeks to get used to this universe during DMT;


– I’ve read 138 articles (maybe more) on Content SEO, Technical SEO, Page Speed, SEO Tools

– I watched dozens of videos

– I checked a lot of websites

– I made a presentation for at least 1 hour 10 times

– I got feedback

To improve myself in this process, I pressed all the keyboard keys. 

Here are some examples of my presentations;


What Was My Motivation In The DMT?

I have always loved being a student because of colourful pencils, note papers, presentations etc.  I became a student again during the DMT process. But that wasn’t my biggest motivation. I was motivated throughout the training because I was doing something for myself, and the things I learned helped me make sense of this digital world I lived in. Did you know that 3,258,256,887 (approximately 3.3 billion) people in the world use Google? That means 42% of the world’s population. There are 75,000 searches per second and 3.5 billion searches per day on Google. These are serious data, aren’t they?

That was my biggest motivation. Yes, SEO does not only work with Google, but as you can see from the numbers, Google always comes first. These numbers are getting bigger, which means there is a world living there. And friends, dancing on the floor of this world is very enjoyable! That’s why I wanted to learn something during DMT and jump on this dance floor as soon as possible.

Were There Things That Challenged Me?

Of course, it did. For example, the unknown things were pushing me. Learning and producing are as painful as it is enjoyable. I remember feeling this pain, afraid of doing wrong. Sometimes I worked until late at night. Because my job must satisfy me firstly. But frankly, that fear still exists. But I realized that this fear makes me, all of us, productive. So we can try to make these fears and anxieties fun as well, or at least tell ourselves that they are normal.

On the other hand, SEO is a constantly evolving and changing adventure. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the current one continually. However, I would like to say again that this journey was enjoyable despite everything. Because sometimes you can reap the fruits of even a small work we do on a website. That is the moment when you forget all your stress and fears.


Is it too late for a New Career?

Of course not. I don’t want to give you a motivational speech, but in a world where everything is changing so rapidly, it is impossible for us to continue to want the same things. On this journey that I started to become an academic, I decided that I wanted to be a well-known, famous SEO after 27 years of age. I even believed that I could do them at the same time. That’s precisely what DMT is for. It helps you understand what you want or don’t want. I decided that I wanted SEO. If you’re going to start a new career or at least try, you should join BoostRoas’s DMT program.

All you need is an integrated solution of PPC, SEO and Analytics.

Boostroas Boostroas

Written by:

Nefise Taş

SEO Associate

She enjoys playing with words and creating a new universe with them. So, SEO is a dance floor for her to play with words.She always feels confident and enthusiastic in the playing area. Let’s open a music and watch her dance!

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