January 13, 2021

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With the iOS 14 update, Apple has announced product and policy changes that will impact data sharing across iOS. They are making it more private so there is no free data flow between advertisers and iOS users but giving the chance to their users to choose if they will share data or not. 

Why does this update concern Facebook?

FB is concerned because with the iOS 14 update Apple is making big changes to data tracking permissions, it will impact how FB receives and processes conversion events from tools like the Facebook pixel. If FB doesn’t prompt they will block Facebook from the App Store, which would only further harm the businesses and users that rely on their services.

You’ve surely heard of this news in stark terms that advertising will be less effective and businesses will suffer and now FB is trying to resolve this issue and come up with the resolutions to minimize the effects of iOS 14.

Apple is changing its privacy policies to make things more transparent giving control of online privacy to the end-users. In other words, before an app can track you it has to ask for your permission.

Apple’s policy will prohibit certain data collection and sharing unless people opt into tracking on iOS 14 devices via the prompt. As more people, opt-out of tracking on iOS 14 devices, ad personalization, and performance reporting will be limited for both app and web conversion events. Which will in the end lead to a less effective advertisement with limited possibilities.

Has Facebook taken a step in this regard?

FB started to take steps into solving this issue but it has just begun, as there is not much information to consider from Apple. For the start, FB will start processing pixel conversion events from iOS devices using Aggregated Event Measurement. This will support your efforts to preserve user privacy and help you run effective campaigns.

They have stated: “We’ll provide updates and additional resources to support businesses advertising on our platform as they become available.” So we will have to wait for their guidelines as they start to resolve the issue.

As mentioned before FB stated that they will be providing guidelines as they process through the iOS 14 adapt in the process as they yet don’t know the whole story. They have provided Actions you can take to prepare:

  1. Update to Facebook’s SDK for iOS 14 version 8.1 to help personalize ads delivered to devices on iOS 14.
  2. You may need to verify your website’s domain to help avoid any future disruption of your website campaigns.

Do these suggestions fix the problem? How?

These suggestions do not fix the problems as they are now trying to adapt to the problem of iOS 14 as they are not sure yet these are final suggestions as Apple is not sharing much information on their iOS 14 policy updates and regulations.

Boostroas will try to dig deeper into the problem and try to get back with more information on how to track conversions after the update takes place.

The best suggestion, for now, will be to follow guidelines provided by FB as it is not crystal clear what we should do to run ads normally and keep up to date with news and new guidelines that we will be sharing on our Blog.

You can follow the Facebook Help Center for more information.

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