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July 10, 2020

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According to Hubspot’s 2019 market research, 65% of companies focus on getting more traffic and leads, while 43% focus on getting positive ROI.

Even if the startups focus on new user acquisition channels and companies with large marketing teams focus on issues such as not losing the existing customer and increasing lifetime value we all have a goal and we want to move forward quickly.

Let’s take our daily life as an example. The steps we take, the calories we eat, the time we spend on mobile phones… all measurable data and open to development. Using this data, we can edit and re-shape our habits.

So with our job, what do we do to follow and improve our goals on the growth of digital marketing processes?

With this motivation, we examined KPI tracking tools to contribute to growth teams. Arc, Google Analytics Insights, Statsbot and dozens of tools invented every single day. While the common feature of these tools is the ability to get and analyze performance metrics via the platform through which APIs are connected,  we observed that the data they presented did not correspond with the growth processes we defined.

We knew what we wanted but we somehow could not find our soulmate. In time, we sat tight and did small experiments to develop a tool that gives personalized experiences to every customer. When we liked the results of our simple experiments on Excel, we did more complex experiments using the capabilities of Javascript. Our goal was clear, a tool that controls our KPIs on our behalf shares development proposals, and predicts for the future!

And after about a year of the R&D process, voila! We launched the alpha version of KPIBooster.

So what is KPIBooster doing, and how does it support the teams in the growth process? Instead of writing a long answer to this question, we would like to include marketing specialists in love with new technologies.

If you want to be among the first to experience KPIBooster, simply click on the only action button “Get Early Access” on our website.

Hope to create the rest of the story together

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Written by:

Neslihan Buşra Emikoğlu

Analytics Director

Neslihan aka is Neslio is the product expert. She uses her skills to assist our clients, her input is always highly valued, and is the head of our Google Analytics field.

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