Case Study

Forever New

Case Study


Social media engagement rate raised to 5,63%!

Forever New founded in Melbourne, Australia and loved across the globe with serving products to customers via e-commerce website globally in Turkey also. Our aim is design a strategy that consistently increased Facebook engagement rate.


Finding a consolidated customer view across numerous touch points is the only way to have impressive social media results.

The Approach:

Audiences were segmented by Acquisition, Activation, and Retention by studying past campaigns. We also tracked the e-commerce sales rate, in addition to the engagement rate, in order to identify conversion and watch for any effects on the direct traffic. After redesigning the campaign structure, we created a dashboard to see all performances metrics – making it easier to optimize.


Within the first three months, the engagement rate has shown steady improvement – rising from 2.67% to 5.63%.


Engagement rate rising from 2.67% to 

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Zeynep Tuncay
Marketing Director at Forever New Turkey

``I truly wish that we can continue to grow our channels together for years. I do recommend BoostRoas to anyone who wants to grow their channels' performance with insightful data and continuous optimization. I keep learning a lot from them through our work, they are great at simplifying complex data and ambitious to uncover any uncertainty we came across on consumer actions.``


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