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August 12, 2020

3 min read

The budget is at the center of every marketing department. Limited or not you have to measure the results. If you are a marketer you know what it is like, you have to create strategies to make the most out of your budget, spend it wisely to increase your revenue. And it all depends on track most of the time, if you don’t track it, it can increase or decrease dramatically and give you a horrible surprise.

Looking forward to that long relaxing weekend? Problem is, you have a critical campaign in the works and you hope it will only take ten minutes to manage. It ends up being hours and you ruin your lovely weekend in the process. Does that sound familiar?

So if budget tracking is a nightmare for you, don’t worry you are not alone. For years Excel was the best friend of every marketer, with advanced templates to track it.

But even if Excel is still a great program, it takes a lot of time and effort. And besides, reporting, Excel is getting older in a world of supermetrics, data studio, and all other automated tools.

We were at the same spot. After too many Excels, and trying many solutions, we ended up nowhere. Some solutions were good but not enough, some were not even close to a solution, and at last the team said, “Mm, it will be easier to build one ourselves”. We needed something that would alert us when the budget was not in the desired range, gives us a prediction about what will be the total budget without calculating and without spending 2 hours on Excel, even without access to the campaigns.

That was the seed of our newly released tool booster, which gives many more solutions now. But between you and us, budget tracking is still our favorite 🙂

So did you solve your budget tracking issues? What was the biggest deficiency in the solutions? Share it with us!

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Written by:

Şahin Seçil

Managing Director

With his unique data-oriented approach, he sowed the seeds that went on to create the BoostRoas principles many years ago. He mainstreamed the idea of working remotely, which is the most enjoyable way to work for the whole team.

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