Digital Marketing Training &
Specialization Program (DMT-SP)

Boost Academy Digital Marketing Specialization Program Starting Soon!

The Digital Marketing Specialization Program opens its doors to anyone who wants to shape his/her career in the field of digital marketing and gain expertise in your 5th term.

As part of the BoostRoas team, you can have the opportunity to learn and apply basic dynamics on a project basis during your 3-month training adventure. The program consists of 2 stages; After understanding the basic information in the Starter period in the first week, you can start implementing projects in the area you want to specialize in (PPC, Analytics, SEO). You can participate in this office independent education from your home or local cafe or library.


Participation in the program is FREE.


Program Details

1. Starter

  • Understanding key matrics
  • Understanding Goals
  • Understanding Departments
  • Growth Marketing Guide

2. PPC

  • Understanding Google Ads
  • Understanding Socila Media Ads & Adespresso
  • Post Promotion Ads
  • Audience Determination
  • Social Media Ads for Branding & Lead gen & conversion
  • Developing the Account on Search Ads
  • Developing the Account on Shipping Ads
  • Shopping Feed Optimization
  • ROAS Optimization
  • Developing Youtube Campaigns
  • Quality Score Optimization

3. Analytics

  • Understanding Data Studio Reports
  • Understanding Social Media Ads & Adespresso
  • Understanding Analytics Basic Setup
  • Creation of Data Studio Reports
  • Creation of Executive KPI Dahsbords with Datastudio
  • Understanding Supermetrics
  • Analytics Set-up Basic implementation
  • Understanding Data & Interpretation
  • Advance Analytics Course

4. SEO

  • Understanding SEO Projects
  • Keyword Reserch
  • SEO Tool Integration
  • Competitors SEO performance Analysis
  • Technical SEO Developments
  • Content SEO Development

Boost Academy Digital
Marketing Specialization
Any Questions?

Who can join?

Anyone who is interested in digitalmarketing, wants to work in this sector and shape his career, has & has no experience, does not currently work in a company, has high self-discipline, can participate atleast 3 days a week, and likes to work in the home office. After graduating from a 3-monthproject-based applied training program, you have the chance to continue your career in the BoostRoas team

What You Will Have After Program?

Remote working experience for 3months with BoostRoas team. Expertise in your chosen area (PPC & SEO & Analytics) Training participation certificate. Online learning and working ability. Experience of working with brands in BoostRoas customer inventory. Possibility to join the BoostRoas team at the end of the training

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