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Hi there! I’m Deniz and I just finished my DMT journey.

I want to explain my experience in this new career road for me. Let’s start with the beginning and the reasons why I chose this career.

First of all, it’s a new sector for me as an architect. It wouldn’t be wrong if I say at the very first time, I was a bit scared. Because I didn’t have much knowledge about digital marketing and also didn’t know where to start. Right here after, I met Boostroas which is a chance for me to have a learning process under a digital marketing agency that supports you in every moment that you spend. In the first weeks, I learned about the Boostroas team, their ideology, and their vision. It is a significant issue for a beginner to understand how digital marketing agencies work, what their purpose is. After understanding Boostroas, I started to search about the Client Success team (the team which I’m intended to be). For me, Client Success is the most enjoyable team of digital marketing agencies. Because it is not as static as other teams, you’re not obligated to reach concrete solutions even and you need some data to measure the client’s success. -I’ll explain the measurement part later.-

Working With BoostRoas

When the brand starts to work with Boostroas, the onboarding process starts. In the brand onboarding process, the Client Success team creates files for each brand. In that exact file, the pieces of information and significant points of a brand are added. Each team member can view it, learning details about the brand. After having ideas about the brand, the team members need to share their ideas, plans, and solutions with the team. Because Boostroas work remotely, all teams and brands need to have communication online. For this, Boostroas uses particular applications effectively. To create continuous and efficient communication they use Slack. Each brand has its own private channel with the Boostroas team members, they can easily ask their questions and get answers in any case.

However, it is not enough to make communication accessible and continuous, you need to follow up on the work that you’re planning to do. In that particular need, Asana gives you the chance to plan your work. With Asana you can create projects, and subtask with a deadline and it helps brand managers and team members to follow upcoming tasks and projects. Like the Slack channel, each brand also has its own Asana folder. Goals & milestones are added to the folder and for each month different KPIs are determined and added. These tasks are checked every month to fill CSS ( Client Success Score) which I’ll explain later. After creating brand files, multiple application accounts are created for brands and the onboarding process is finished. Eventually, the part where the Client Success teamwork as a catalyst begins.

What Exactly Does The Client Success Team Do?

For anyone who thinks “So far everything is okay, but what does the Client Success team do after all the onboarding process?” Here is the answer; the Client Success team acts as a bridge between brand managers and team members. It may sound easy (for me it is, in the very first beginning), but when you dive in, you recognize that it is more complicated than it seems. The first team that the brand communicates with is Client Success. This makes the Client Success team an indispensable element of digital marketing because CS members have shaped the brand’s first ideas about Boostroas. The first meetings they hear about Boostroas’ working style and discipline are usually the first meetings with the CS team. This reinforces the idea that the CS team functions as a bridge. As you act as a bridge you have to master (maybe not a master but have detailed information) everything. The reason for this is to have an idea about client tasks -while you’re having a CS meeting with brand managers or during the onboarding processes of the new brands,- you need to have a clear idea of what the project is about and what the brand wants. While checking Asana projects, it is necessary to be able to notice the deficiencies and to know who you should contact if something goes wrong with the brand. At this point, although you do not have an opinion on every subject, you need to have sufficient experience and knowledge about most of the brands’ journeys. As explained before, the Client Success team is the first team that the brand contacts at the onboarding process. But not only during onboarding procedures but also during the digital marketing journey. That’s why the Client Success team can detect problems early, as well as anticipate a possible case study example. The Case Studies are the sharing of the cases that emerged from the work of the SEO, PPC, and Data Analytics teams and where superior performances emerged with the cooperation of the brand. The main reason why Client Success is the first team to realize the possibility of a case study is that it maintains constant communication with both the team and the brand and can observe the process objectively.

In CS meetings, the Client Success team comes with outlined questions about the process. These questions are asked to understand the journey from the brand’s perspective and to make the brand feel more understood. Considering Boostroas as a data-driven agency, you also need to gauge the client’s feelings during these meetings. The CS meetings can be organized in a period at the request of the brand. Sometimes it can be twice a month, sometimes once a month. Meetings are helpful for brand managers, and also for the team because after these meetings the notes which are taken during meetings are shared with the team. In the light of these notes, team members can have an idea of what they can do to improve the projects.

How To Measure The CS Data?

To conclude everything so far, in general, it can be said that the Client Success team provides sustained communication between teams and brands. However, digital marketing agencies need some data to measure the success of the client. Each team has its criteria to determine if they reach its goals. For example, the SEO team has their own KPI, which is numeric values, and it is easy to determine if they reach it or not. In the Client Success team, the goal is to keep the client updated, to make them feel more comfortable and understood, to find the problems in the beginning, to find solutions with the team, etc. To calculate these sentimental values, the Client Success team needs to create a table for the success measurements. These measurements needed to have some numeric values instead of verbal statements. Starting from that point of view, Boostroas creates a table for each team. SEO, PPC, and Data Analytics, each of them have their criteria. Some of the criteria are about communication with clients, and some of them are about using the apps that I’ve mentioned before. To give an example, if a team constantly (which usually happens) be in touch with the client, the score they got is 100. If it is not stable and there are some problems, it decreases dramatically. As a result of all criteria, we average all the scores and have some average numeric data. This is our final CSS ( Client Satisfaction Score). It is measured every month to have an idea, to improve the agency itself if brands are happy with the work or not. (To give a hint; scores under 90 are not quite acceptable.)

Final Words

In final words, in digital marketing; clients, brands, customers whatever you call them, always have a clear target and want concrete solutions. And sometimes they think the Client Success team doesn’t have some tangible benefits for their revenue or goals that they want to reach. However, from a clear perspective, it can be seen that the Client Success team works hard to create harmony between team members and brand managers and if you don’t have any harmony in your work, probably you’ll fail before you reach your goals.

As I got a chance to be on the CS team, I’m really happy where I am at!

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Hi there! I’m Deniz and I just finished my DMT journey. I want to explain my experience in this new career road for me. Let’s start with the beginning and the reasons why I chose this career. First of all, it’s a new sector for me as an architect. It wouldn’t be wrong if I […]

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