December 06, 2021

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Think twice if you only meet with your agency monthly.

Checklists are cool, but one size doesn’t fit all. In order to become competitive and gain brand visibility, you must have tailor-made strategies, which is why your agency should be involved as part of your team.

It’s our way of building a solid relationship so that we could offer you tailored services.


Transparent Communication

We think it is incredibly important to keep Transparent Communication at all levels. It helps in creating a relationship that is full of Trust & Confidence. 

We communicate regularly with our Team Members for two reasons: #1 They are the brand ambassadors of the business #2 They stay informed with all the latest events in the organization & work-related updates. This, in turn, helps us curate a culture where the Client receives a Value Added Experience from the Representatives who are fully equipped to provide the right support. 

Instant Communication – Messaging with Boosters

Instant communication improves information exchange in the workplace. Through instant communication, our teams & clients remain in constant contact with one another in case problems arise that require assistance. We’ve established an environment where the Clients & Teams are connected remotely and they still feel as if they were in the same room.

All Questions Will Be Answered!

Client Satisfaction is a very important ingredient to Growth & Success. At BoostRoas, we think even difficult conversations have value, and sometimes these conversations are difficult to handle especially when they involve topics like going over budget or pushing a website launch date back. But, we leave no question unanswered which helps us in making our Clients know that they are being looked after.

Asana Project Management: Stay Informed!

We are aware of how beneficial adopting project & work management basics can be. We use Asana, a project management tool to Plan, Manage & Report our every step to the Client, which helps in keeping them in the loop & making our teams more efficient, accountable to their work & confident that they are tackling the things that matter the most. 

Online Meetings: Know What You’re Investing In!

Finally, It is very pivotal to go hand In hand with our clients, every step of the journey. Thanks to tech advancements, which have provided a very feasible solution to remote communication with clients – Online Meetings. 

Instead of getting into the hassle of arranging an on-site meeting, we boast through Virtual Meeting to help boost workplace inclusion, diversity, and increased communication for clients. The agendas are circulated ahead of time, pre-reading will have been done by attendees and the meeting will start and finish on time which is less Waffling & More Decision Making.

I’m Esra, and I’m here to help you reach your goals. Feel free to schedule a call

Until then, all the best

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Written by:

Esra Mercan

Client Success Executive

The world has recognized the importance of Client Success. Looking from another person’s perspective is hard to achieve. However, she is always an advocate for her brands and strives for the best for the clients and the team.

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