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November 23, 2020

2 minutes

Last week we shared with you exciting news on our social media accounts. Our lovely partner DeepCrawl has agreed to make a webinar in the first week of December.

This webinar, which we called “Crawlers Gonna Rate,” we will jump deeply on the DeepCrawl tool, how it helps companies from different prospects, common issues that we faced, and more.

3 December 2020, at 1 PM (GMT+2), our SEO team leader Roman Adamita and DeepCrawl`s Partnership Success Manager Clara Watt will take you on a journey you will feel crazy about it.

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Webinar Attendees: 

  1. Clara Watt (Customer Success Manager at DeepCrawl)
  2. Roman Adamita (SEO Manager at BoostRoas)

Date: Thursday, December 3, 2020, 1 pm – 2 pm Eastern European Time (GMT+2:00)

Location: We will share with those who registered from the below form.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Let’s meet

Who is Clara Watt and Roman Adamita?

What does she do as a partnership success manager?

  • Introduction to DeepCrawl

What is DeepCrawl?

How DeepCrawl helps companies (e-commerce, hotels, hospitals, etc.), agencies, and freelancers?

Which metrics represent your tool different from others?

How DeepCrawl analyzes our website?

  • The Most Common Issues & How to deal with them (based on experience)

Common Technical Issues

Common Content Issues

Common Access Log File Issues

Common JavaScript Issues

  • The Most Valuable Insights & Features

Graphs / Visualisations

PageSpeed Insights

DeepCrawl Automator

Data Studio Connector

  • Beneficial “Recommended” Filters & How To Use Them
  • How To Use DeepCrawl Like A Devil? (A Case Study)
  • DeepCrawl Account
  • Why DeepCrawl?

Webinar Replay:

Let's create your tailor-made lead generation strategy

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Written by:

Roman Adamita

Director of SEO

Roman Adamita was instrumental in the formation of the team. His work is paramount in driving the SEO department’s success forward. He is the winner of the Young Search Professional of the year at the MENA Search Awards 2019!

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