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November 16, 2021

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How to optimize CPC & What impact can be made?

CPC can be optimized by incorporating the below-mentioned strategies & techniques to ensure a positive return on investment. 

# Improving The Google Ads Quality Score

Quality score is basically the evaluation of the quality of your ads, landing pages & more importantly, your keywords. If the quality of the ad is high, it can be helpful in achieving lower CPC’s & better ads placements.
Google Ads Quality Score can be improved by making your ad more relevant to the targetted keyword you bid on – designing tightly targeted ad groups & the relevancy of keywords would make it go a long way. Also, a good landing page can make a positive impact on your quality score than the keyword leading to a generic homepage. It can be achieved through a clear & consistent message between your ad and the landing page, plus, the content that is captivating & converting. Finally, improving the CTR – can be achieved through writing a persuasive ad copy that compels the viewer to click.

# Testing Different Ads Position

The calculation of CPC is based on the AdRank of your competitor in SERP. One of the CPC optimization techniques is testing the position of the different ads as it is an efficient way to lower the CPC. It can be measured in terms of the metric of impact on click & conversion for particular ad placement.

# Using & Bidding Long-tail Keywords

Getting caught up in bidding for the High Volume Keywords can do nothing, but push up your CPC. On the other hand, bidding on long-tail keywords would lower your competition as fewer advertisers would be bidding on it. Moreover, the conversion rate of long-tail keywords is more beneficial which gives an opportunity to take advantage of increased ROAS.

# Using Negative Keywords
A negative keyword is a keyword that you don’t want your ad campaigns to show up for. Using the negative keywords would not only reduce the CPC, but it ensures that your ads are not bid for terms suffering from either a low quality score, more competitive, or generic in sense.

# Bid Strategies Through Geo-Targeting
One of the very specific & on-point strategies of CPC optimization is bidding based on geo-targeting. You can do the bid adjustments based on the location or vicinity that a potential client is searching in. You can lower the bids on those areas which have a lower conversion rate while bidding the balance in those areas which have comparatively a high conversion.

# Using Varying Keywords Match Types
There are some common keyword types that can be utilized in your ad groups – Broad Match, +Broad + Match + Modifier, “Phrase Match” [Exact Match]. These types can give tight control over your targeted search queries. While the [Exact Match] type has considerably high CPC –  grouping the phrase or broad match types would open many opportunities for a lower CPC, and clicks.

# Using Device Adjustments
Just like you can optimize the bids based on the time span of the day or location searches – you can also increase or decrease the CPC across different devices like mobile, desktop & tablet. It all depends on the device usage preference of your targeted audience.

How BoostRoas Can Help in CPC Optimization?

   # We Follow All CPC Optimization Guidelines & Incorporate Best Strategies
BoostRoas keeps a strict check over compliance with Google Ads guidelines to generate a positive quality score. Even if your business is lagging behind a competitor you want to outpace for long, we incorporate the best strategies to get your campaign making an impact that is visible within a few days.

    # We Bring In High ROI on Low CPC’s
We believe in the world of PPC advertisements, every business strives for the highest return while incurring the lowest possible cost per click. We take pride in claiming that we outpace your competitor with our custom, highly consistent & relevant PPC campaigns that resonate with your intended target audience and bring high ROI while incurring low CPC’s. 

    # We Have A Strong Track Record
BootstRoas is one of the leading agencies in PPC advertisements. We partner with various marketing professionals & industry players to help them make a positive impact on their PPC ads through proper CPC optimization strategies and serve their ultimate goals of desirable clicks & conversions.  

   # We Help In Campaign Goals Completion
Your goals could be driving sales or increasing the website traffic and we’re here to do that. Through our measurable & trackable data, we eliminate the guesswork and leverage different marketing channels to tap into the gigantic community of potential customers to serve your ultimate goals.   

All you need is an integrated solution of PPC, SEO and Analytics.

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Written by:

Tugaycan Aslan

Senior Performance Marketing Executive

He’s such a researcher! His PPC adventure started with a passion for learning and continues without slowing down.

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