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How Did I Get Started Learning Performance Marketing?

Hey, Ceyda’s here! In my first blog post, I decided to write about my journey to Digital Marketing and the Performance Marketing world. Hope this writing can be a guide for those who don’t know where to start! Some may wonder how come I want to become a Performance Marketer or even choose Digital Marketing […]

Ceyda Pınar

January 11, 2022 . 5 min read

Digital Marketing Training Program Process From The Perspective of Junior

Hello, I’m the freshman of BoostROAS PPC team, Bora Öztürk. I was interested in Digital Marketing for a time being, I was very fond of the internet since my childhood and I was seeing the ads before knowing what they are and how they work. As you know, we come across any of these ads […]

Bora Ulaş Öztürk

January 07, 2022 . 7 min read

Why Do We Need Daily, Weekly, Monthly Media Report?

What Is A Media Report & Media Plan? The Media Plan is basically a process layout to determine when, where & how factors of the advertisement positively impact the ROI & engagements. In short, Media Planning is devising the right plan to allocate & utilize the advertisement budget across all the channels – marketers determine […]

Asude Türközen

December 28, 2021 . 6 min read

Enriching Search Campaigns With Feed

Search Engine Optimization or SEO – You might have heard many digital marketers use this term while agony and pain are visible on their faces. Well, that’s what creating your brand recognition through a generic approach feels like. This is why most brands go for the paid approach along with the long-term SEO approach to […]

Pınar Yaman

December 27, 2021 . 5 min read

Low Intent & High Intent Structure

What Is A Keyword Intent? A Keyword Search Intent is an actual Goal a user has in mind when they are putting a query in search engines. It shows that the person is actively looking for a product or service to buy.  Keyword Intent can be called one of the most vital features of any […]

Emre Özoğluuntur

December 15, 2021 . 5 min read

CPC Optimization Guideline

How to optimize CPC & What impact can be made? CPC can be optimized by incorporating the below-mentioned strategies & techniques to ensure a positive return on investment.  # Improving The Google Ads Quality Score Quality score is basically the evaluation of the quality of your ads, landing pages & more importantly, your keywords. If […]

Tugaycan Aslan

November 16, 2021 . 5 min read

Digital Analytics Manager

Job Overview: As a Digital Analytics Manager, you will be expected to lead client data strategies and directions, demonstrating applied Analytics knowledge through exceptional quality work that consistently delivers sustainable growth for BoostRoas’s client base. This is an excellent opportunity to carve out a name for yourself at an award-winning digital marketing agency while working […]

Digital Analytics Manager

October 12, 2021 .

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