In Turkey, there is a high level of competition between test book advertisers. Market competition is quite high, and the potential of the market is also high. The age group of our customers is also quite wide. The competition is higher when the exam period begins. Our goal is to reach our own target audience with the same budget. To achieve that goal, we designed new campaigns based on-brand content. Our plan at that point was just to keep the budget the same and increase revenue over the previous period. The challenge here was to lower our cost per click while spending the same budget and increase ROAS.


The Approach:

When we began studying the account, the structure was not clearly defined. A new structure was created for the campaigns. We began by reviewing keywords. Our main concern was how it uses branding keywords. There was no campaign to support their branding keywords, those keywords were separated into their own campaigns. We identified the brand search terms and categorized them under a single campaign. Under the new campaign, brand keywords were categorized using exact and phrase match types.


In doing so, we focused on low CPCs and high transaction and ROAS.

Boostroas Boostroas

Hard work always pays




As a result, transaction volumes increased 90%, ROAS increased 47 %, and CPC decreased 35 %.

CPC Decreased by


Session increased by


Transaction increased by


ROAS increased by


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