A key part of the challenges was to increase YoY high-quality organic traffic on non-brand keywords and at the same time the sign-ups & newsletter subscriptions. So our foremost aim was to analyze and optimize the whole of available blog posts as much as possible. There is a competitive market and we should know where we should focus and on which non-brand keywords are based their businesses.


The Approach:

When we started to analyse the whole of blog posts, realised that there is a lot of blog posts that we need to eliminate and focus on the B2B audience expected information. Therewithal, we moved to optimize remained blog posts and find the principal keyword for all of them. To be sure if they really are keywords which we should focus, we researched them and looking at the results if they are relevant for us.

Our in-depth researches of the competition and audience show us a map from the helicopter that makes us with more know-how of the industry. So we already have understood which piece of content is achieved the most traffic and gain more backlinks. Some of the blog posts needed to be optimized because they have low organic traffic, but at the same time, there is big potential. But some of them which we don’t have on the blog, we had to discover and create new briefings.

It’s just a tiny part of the big portrait. We have optimized most of the things; content fluency, titles, principal keywords, internal linking to other blog posts/relevant landing pages, subtitles, required metadata and added pillar page structure to the long blog posts. has been nominated for the ‘Best Use of Search (SEO, B2B)’ category at the European Search Awards 2020. Fingers crossed, we are on the final stage! 🤞

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