Ofix’s ROAS shot up by an unprecedented 313.5%!



The lack of a clear-cut strategy to identify and target B2B or B2C clients was our first challenge. This was especially critical because profit to the company for each B2B and B2C sale are wildly different. Hence, identifying and targeting the correct type of customer in our ad campaigns was paramount. But the search keywords used by both types of customers are very similar, so, this proved to be an interesting challenge for our team.


The Approach:

Due to the nature of its offerings, Ofix caters to both businesses and individuals. Although it had a well-optimized ad campaign in place, the company was running an ad campaign without optimizing it for different customer groups. Our primary objective – lowering advertising costs without reducing sales by redefining customer groups and optimizing business-facing and customer-facing campaigns.

Boostroas Boostroas

Hard work always pays


Within 3 months, we saw substantial improvements in the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Thanks to continuous optimizations over these 3 months, Ofix’s ROAS shot up by an unprecedented 313.5%! That’s a boost of over 3x, in only a few months. This metric is steadily improving even now.

Increase in ROAS


Decrease in CPA


Decrease in CPC


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